Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Week's Quick Email

Sister Fowler, Sister Hanson, and Sister Fenn

This week I don't have much time! We have a lot to do and little bit of time to do it! Right now I am in a trio with Sister Fenn and Sister Fowler. Sister Fowler's companion went home today so we had to take her to the mission office today! But we have been enjoying it! I was in the MTC with Sister Fowler! I will send some pictures! We didn't get much snow this week. Most of the snow is melted so it is nice a brown everywhere!!! haha

Here are a couple highlights this week:
  • First off Kellie and her mom Monica came to church this week! Amazing and Monica was even going around telling people that she was an investigator. hahahah! Love them! So we will start teaching Monica this week and we hope she will accept the things we teach and I hope the Holy Ghost will bring it unto her heart!!!!
  • Lorain is doing well. We are trying to work with her to get her a new job. We have talked a lot about it and we feel like that is what is holding her back! So pray for Lorain! She did attend a baptism this week and felt the spirit confirm in her heart that she will one day be baptized!!! So exciting!
  • Rebecca is doing well! We had a great meeting with her and helped her with concerns about bringing up the church with her husband. Hopefully she will come to church next week!!! 
Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! I will be staying in Greenwood first ward for the rest of my mission! I love this ward and especially the people!!!!

Love Sister Hanson

Allyson's visit to the mission office with President and Sister Cleveland

Sister Fenn and Allyson in their fireman hats

Painting a member has in their house. They painted it! Thought that was cool

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Week Miracles Happened! (they do happen every week!)

Sister Hanson and Sister Fenn

So it was frigid cold this week! But we did the best this week than we have ever done!!!!!!!! A mission is amazing! God has really given me some amazing things to remember! I probably say this every week, but this week has been the most amazing week ever! I have seen God's hand everywhere I go.

This week we met with a sort of recent convert named Chloe! She is 13 (she kinda reminds me a Katie and she even has really curly hair!). She is not excited at all about reading the Book of Mormon. So we read a story in the Book of Mormon with her and made it come alive and she loved it! I am so happy that she can see a little bit more of the what the Book of Mormon can do for her!

We had a double booked appointment this week. So we went on exchanges! I went with Angel's visiting teachers! and Sister Fenn went with another member to teach an investigator! So I had the visiting teachers teach part of the restoration! They did an amazing job! They made it relate to her a lot more than I ever could! Visiting teachers are amazing! Sister Fenn taught Lorain with another member who knows her quite well! It went wonderful! She will be attending a baptism tonight with us so she can see how her's will go! We both have had the impression that Lorian will be baptized this year and at least be ready to be baptized when we leave.

We met with Rebecca when we went exchanges! She has been struggling since we last met with her! We know why she has been struggling because she has not been reading her scriptures and praying like she used to! She missed us a lot. She recognized that when she was meeting with the missionaries that her life was going well and when she was not meeting with them her life started to slowly go downhill. We committed her to come to Sacrament Meeting but things stopped her from coming. I hope she will come soon!

Tom and Susan are doing wonderful! We went with their home teachers and had a spiritual meeting with them! Brother Bober shared his conversion story! It brought the Spirit so strong!

One of our investigators came to church on Sunday! She brought her mom!!!! They both got priesthood blessings! Kellie, the investigator, had recently got into a car accident and the only places the car did not get crushed was the place where the Book of Mormon was sitting and where Kellie was. Her mom asked us for a Book of Mormon because of that! Now her mom is going to start coming to church with Kellie!!!! She will start meeting with us soon! This is a miracle!!!!!! God's plan may not be what we want to happen but all of his purposes are for our good!

So as you can tell! This week was amazing! I hope you can all see the hand of God in your life daily! Most of the time it is the small things that make the biggest difference! Today I also read Alma 41. Verses 4 and 5 really spoke to me! They talk about God's kingdom is endless happiness and if we are happy in this life we will be happy in the next life but if we are evil or unhappy we will be the same in the next life!

Sister Hanson

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It SNOWED!!!!!!

 Letter originally received 11 Jan 2016

A delicious cupcake from The Flying Cupcake

This week was a crazy week! We did so much stuff and on top of that is snowed yesterday. I went on 2 back-to-back exchanges with the sisters in Shelbyville and the sisters in Columbus.

So here is an update on investigators!!!
  • We got back in contact with Rebecca!!!! She has been reading and praying since we saw her last!!!! She has been pretty busy and that is why we have not been able to meet with her. So we have an appointment with her this Wednesday!!!! So excited!
  • Kellie. She has been struggling a bit but we will also be meeting with her this week. It seems the holidays just mess up everything about missionary work! hahah. 
  • Lately we have been doing a lot of tracting so we have been finding some new investigators. We also got a referral from a member that is Japanese in our ward. Mia is 16 and she has a Japanese friend who doesn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ. Her name is Miho! She is the cutest girl ever! So we will teach her again in the coming weeks about more things that she has questions about. We talked a little bit about the sacrament and baptism also!!!
  • Lorian!!! She has been working on Sundays still but she is trying to get off so she can come to church!!! I hope she will soon. This will be a pivotal moment in her conversion when she can experience this!
Recent converts!!!!
  • Susan and Tom are doing great!!!! They continue to come to church and to be fellowshipped more and more! Susan wants to understand and read the Book of Mormon. She has great desires
  • Angel and Dievon!!!! They have continued to just reach higher expectations than I even thought they could!!!! Angel shares the Gospel all the time!!!! Dievon used to be afraid of praying out loud but now he prays out loud and does wonderful!
Greenwood 1st ward is a great ward and I love it here! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!! I love helping people come closer to Christ!!!

Love Sister Hanson

Sister Hanson and Sister Bradshaw

Monday, January 4, 2016

Busiest week of my life! Happy New Year!

Allyson's visit to the local White Castle. She looks excited!
This week I went on 2 exchanges.... One in the picture below with Sister Allen. We were in Indy 1st Ward. Aka my last area! So that was a lot of fun!!! 

Sister Allen and Sister Hanson
Then in the picture below  is Sister Lunt. She is so funny and we were on exchanges in my area Greenwood 1st Ward. We had some great exchanges! Lots of fun!

Sister Lunt and Sister Hanson

I don't have much time today but here are some wonderful things that I did this week!
  • A member took us out to nasty White Castle! I am glad i did not throw up!!!! Ewwwww. Never go. I will send pictures!

Mmmm. White Castle
  • The day before New Years Eve, some one backed into our car. But all is well. Our car can still move so we still drive it! We even taught the guy a lesson!
  • New Years Eve we had Mission Leadership Council! That was a lot of fun! I got to see President and went to the mission home! Loved it and I took a lot of notes! Basically we just talked about being a example for our stewardships! We also talked about working with members more!
  • New Years Eve we also went to a member's home and had some wonderful Chinese food and played a really fun game!
  • New Years day was fun. We went and watched a bunch of elders play football at IUPUI. It was really cold outside. But fun!
New Years Day...and football!
  • The Gosbin's (recent converts) They are doing great! We had a really spiritual lesson with them this week right before our car got hit. The mom during sacrament meeting even got up and bore her testimony this week! They are just doing wonderful! I love this ward.
I really love being a missionary! I found this scripture; Romans 15:4

"For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."

This scripture really spoke to me because I have been able to find hope and comfort in the scriptures!!!! READ your scriptures everyday! Love you all!

Sister Hanson