Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Receiving the call...

It was Friday the 18th of April when Allyson was finally able to open her mission call and find out where she would be spending 18 months of her life serving the Lord.  She had received her call earlier in the week but she was up at Utah State University and had to wait until Friday to come home to West Jordan to open it.

Ally had told us during Christmas break that she had decided to go on a mission.  Laura and I were a little stunned.  We knew that it was a possibility that she would go, but when she actually made the decision we were a bit apprehensive.  You spend your life building up the courage to send your son on a mission.  You don't do the same thing with your daughters.

It was a great evening.  She opened her call.  Cried a little.  And shared her happiness with family and friends.
Preparing to read
Getting close to the destination

Finally found out where she's serving

Here's where she's going!!!

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