Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is almost here!

Our tags and these hearts that change color in the sun

This week was great! We had a lot of stuff happen. We went to Strides again and helped on Tuesday. We threw hay and I took a allergy pill thinking that would help me. But it didn't help much. I was stacking it and took me a day to breathe the right way again! So I guess I should probably stay away from hay. Even though my dream as a child was to grow up on a farm... ahaha I love farms and things like that. Oh and the weather was good here for like a week then it went cold again! Hopefully it will warm up soon. So we can just walk everywhere!

Okay, some miracles this week. Vicky came to church again and she loved it! She is progressing well! We got her excited for the temple that is coming by doing some family history with her. We also got her on baptismal date this week! She wants to get baptized on May 9th. But she is so ready so I think we will try to move it up to sometime in April! We also taught her the Word of Wisdom this week. She drinks coffee and tea so we will have to help her with that. But she does not smoke and everyone in Indiana and their dog smokes. Hahaha Hopefully, I get to be here for a least one more transfer to help her to baptism and she is making lots of friends in the ward! That is very important! Be friends with everyone! (my advice this week)

Next miracle. We went to a less active's house and talked to her 12 year old daughter Alexis! Alexis goes to church with her grandma in Martinsville (Scary town). She loves the church. So we talked to her about the BOM! She told us that she has always wanted to know if it was true. She has always relied on her grandma's testimony and now she is on the road to gaining her own. The hard thing is getting her to come to Plainfield ward with her mom. Her mom has no interest in religion even though she is LDS. Alexis has not been baptized so we committed her to be baptized on May 9th also. I don't know what it is with that day but it is the best day ever! (Day before Mother's Day!)

Oh and now some fun facts. Emily a girl that just came home from her mission! Came out with us and she is so great! She went to a California mission speaking Spanish. She gets so excited when she sees Spanish people in Plainfield because she loves speaking Spanish. Her GPS was still in Spanish when she came out with us. She is a great teacher and was a blessing that day! I hope when I get home I can go out with the missionaries!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week!


A cool abstract photo of us missionaries in Plainfield

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

5 Miracles (If only I could be 17)

Selfie with President Cleveland
Well everyone I got to go to church this week! yayayayay! I love church with all my heart! I have had the busiest week of my life to date! We were just go go go this week! There are lots of people to visit and talk to. The snow has been melting and things have been warming up a bit! So that is always nice!

My apartment has a gym! I have my own bathroom! It is true! We have a great apartment! And to tell you the truth it is actually not too loud where we live!

This week we picked up 5 new investigators! I am so excited about that! One in particular that are my favorite are Veronica and Eric! These people are great! We met them while stopping by less active houses and we started talking to Veronica and she asked us if we wanted to come in! So we did and taught her about family history! She seemed kind of interested! So we set a return appointment! We went over to help her set up an account on Sunday! Her husband was there and he started asking us questions! We were able to teach them about the BOM! Wow that was powerful. I got to bear my testimony about it and because I was able to do that my own testimony grew of the importance the BOM has in my life! I read the BOM because it helps me understand God a lot better! I helps me know how merciful he is! He will always be there for us no matter what. We talked a lot about how our church is different from others! They are Nazarene. I have never heard of that religion in my life before but I guess it is the closest one to our religion. haha They are great! We are going back over on Tuesday! To teach Veronica! I am so excited!

Also we taught Vicky this week! She is as great as ever! We taught her the restoration and

asked her if she would be baptized. She said she had to think about it. But she is on the right track. She has already been baptized once in a baptist church but she wants to make sure she is making the right decision. She is so much fun but has lots of things to do before she can make that commitment. But we learned her daughter is a Mormon. Hahahaha Funny things. Everyone is related to a Mormon somehow.

Well those are just some miracles this week! Love you guys lots.

Love Sister Hanson

Allisonville street! My name almost!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Plainfield Indiana!

Allyson in her new area and with her new companion Sister Lowry
Welcome to Plainfield Indiana! I am with Sister Lowry. She has been our for 3 months and she is a wonderful missionary! She is from Richfield Utah! So I would tell you about the ward but church got cancelled on Sunday. Just my luck right! haha It was because of the snow! We got about 1 foot yesterday! Church seems to be cancelled all the time, every where I go! We were able to still have the sacrament! A family got permission to do the sacrament in their home and they wanted us to come and partake also! It was good I could definitely feel the spirit! But so far Plainfield is a great place and there is so much work here to do. We have a pretty big area and lots and lots of ward members to help us! Oh and let me tell you about my apartment! I get my own Bathroom! I get my own walk in closet! Wow this place is just great! There is lots of things to do here!

Okay to go on I am senior companion and I get to drive the car now! I have been driving a lot now! Crazy! I got to brush up on my skills! I drive a red car also so I really got to watch my speed. And there are cops everywhere! Since I am down in the south I get to go to the Louisville temple! Wooooooooo! I am so excited We will probably go this transfer too! Oh my address is:

4345 Trenton BLVD
Plainfield, IN 46168

So this week we taught one of our new investigators Vikki! The sisters that were here before me and met her in the Walmart bathroom and taught her a lesson right then and there. Haha. She is great we met her at Arby's and taught her about the BOM! She
loved it and and she wants to know if it is true! We also found out she has met with missionaries before! and at one time she had a BOM! She has the right desires and she wants to come to church but works on Sundays so she can't right now so hopefully she can come soon!

It is soooooo cool here I have been able to teach a lot here! It is great the ward members that I met yesterday are great! There are so many members around us that want to help too! Oh and guess what! We have a normal sized chapel! We have a gym and there are missionaries everywhere! OH and I get up and work out everyday at 5:45 because we have a gym  in our apartment complex! Wooooooo! Everything is just bigger in the city! I love it but it will be so hard to get to know everyone! Our ward mission leader is great too! The funny thing is he served his mission in Indiana and he served in the ward that I am in now!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week! Oh and one more thing we had like a mini Women's conference here in Plainfield with a bunch of stakes combined. And we went to this one class where she talked a lot about what our purpose here on life is. We all have a different purpose here in life so I encourage you all to take a look at your patriarchal blessings this week and think about why God sent you here to the earth at this time and for what purpose!

Love Sister Hanson

Allyson's new district