Tuesday, March 10, 2015

5 Miracles (If only I could be 17)

Selfie with President Cleveland
Well everyone I got to go to church this week! yayayayay! I love church with all my heart! I have had the busiest week of my life to date! We were just go go go this week! There are lots of people to visit and talk to. The snow has been melting and things have been warming up a bit! So that is always nice!

My apartment has a gym! I have my own bathroom! It is true! We have a great apartment! And to tell you the truth it is actually not too loud where we live!

This week we picked up 5 new investigators! I am so excited about that! One in particular that are my favorite are Veronica and Eric! These people are great! We met them while stopping by less active houses and we started talking to Veronica and she asked us if we wanted to come in! So we did and taught her about family history! She seemed kind of interested! So we set a return appointment! We went over to help her set up an account on Sunday! Her husband was there and he started asking us questions! We were able to teach them about the BOM! Wow that was powerful. I got to bear my testimony about it and because I was able to do that my own testimony grew of the importance the BOM has in my life! I read the BOM because it helps me understand God a lot better! I helps me know how merciful he is! He will always be there for us no matter what. We talked a lot about how our church is different from others! They are Nazarene. I have never heard of that religion in my life before but I guess it is the closest one to our religion. haha They are great! We are going back over on Tuesday! To teach Veronica! I am so excited!

Also we taught Vicky this week! She is as great as ever! We taught her the restoration and

asked her if she would be baptized. She said she had to think about it. But she is on the right track. She has already been baptized once in a baptist church but she wants to make sure she is making the right decision. She is so much fun but has lots of things to do before she can make that commitment. But we learned her daughter is a Mormon. Hahahaha Funny things. Everyone is related to a Mormon somehow.

Well those are just some miracles this week! Love you guys lots.

Love Sister Hanson

Allisonville street! My name almost!

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