Monday, December 28, 2015

The Week of Christmas

Allyson, President Cleveland, and Sister Fenn

Well I had a wonderful week!!! How about all of you? Skyping with the family was wonderful! I miss you all!!! This Christmas was definitely filled with Christ's Spirit! I got to go caroling at an old folks home! It was wonderful! I am glad I got to share that with all those people! They were so grateful that we came to sing to them! I know that by doing service we can all feel the Spirit of Christ! 

There are times in our lives where Heavenly Father will bring us low so that he can bring us higher than we were before. There is a quote I have on my planner that says "God didn't create us to be sad, he created us to have joy" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Sometimes we have to experience disappointment to be brought to have that joy. This week I experienced little pieces of Joy.

One of those was meeting Loraine. We met with her and she is a wonderful person. She went to the temple open house and really wants to be baptized but there are things in her life holding her back from being baptized! I wish I could do something for her so that she can make it to the temple. But I know that God is putting her through this so that she can love the church even more.

Another little Christmas Eve miracle. We went tracting and met a woman named Virginia. She immediately invited us into her house. She told us stories of her life and we testified of Jesus Christ and his power. We left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read! I am excited to go back over and talk to her more! I hope she can understand the importance of the temple and how families can be together forever.

One thing that I realized this week is that none of us can do anything without God! None of the miracles would happen if we did not believe in God and Jesus Christ. This is God's work, not my work. I know that if we are trying to fulfill God's purpose " To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" Moses 1:39. We can do that just by doing our part of sharing the gospel with everyone we talk to! Turning to him is the best thing we can do! Then we need to act!

Sister Hanson

Sisters Hanson and Fenn

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Wedding, Baptism, and Transfers!!!

Pictures of the baptism! Susan with the red hair and that is her husband Tom.
Ahhhh so many things happened this week! I don't even know where to begin!!!! First off I got transferred to Greenwood 1st!!!! My new companion is Sister Fenn. She is wonderful. We are both now STLs (Sister Training Leaders). Pretty much just Zone Leaders for sisters. So we get to go on lots of exchanges!

This week was bitter sweet. I had to leave Indy 1st ward. Which is now the ward right next to mine. So I did not go very far. haha. When we got here, the sisters already had Susan on date to be baptized but before that she needed to get married to Tom. We helped out with the wedding! Then we helped out with the baptism! We also taught her the rest of the lessons! So as you can tell we were very busy this week! But it was a week full of miracles!!! She was also baptized in freezing cold water. That would just be terrifying to me.

We also met this wonderful investigator named Rebecca! She is getting close to being baptized! She has known about the church since she was a teenager. Now she has 2 kids. So she has been studying for a while. She told us that she has read the Book of Mormon all the way through. Which so amazing. She knows it is true! So exciting. I hope we get to help her to baptism! She still has to see if her husband is okay with her being baptized. So many complications but I have faith that everything will work out for the best!

We are also teaching a girl named Kellie. Her parents won't let her get baptized until she is 18. Next December!!!! She has known the church is true forever. So we will just teach her once a week. She goes to Seminary every morning! So I have come to the miracle ward!!!!

This ward has really seen many many missionary miracles from the past sister missionaries and I hope we can keep that missionary spirit alive. They are so missionary focused. They have extra meetings every month just for missionary work!

Sister Hanson

Sister Hanson and Sister Fenn!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transfers Again. The Week We Walked.

Allyson and Sister Sowards

Well, it is sad to say, but I am moving areas again. So will my companion. It is sad. But I had so much fun this week! We literally got to walk everywhere this week. Our car was in the shop for various reasons. And as we all know the work goes on even when we don't have a car. And another plus this week was that the weather was AMAZING. It was in the 60s-70s on Saturday and Sunday.

Ronn. He is doing great! We taught him yesterday for our last time. It was a great lesson. We shared our favorite scriptures with him. And president always says that if you read the Book of Mormon with your investigators that they will tell you their concerns. And guess what happened he brought up his concern. Since he can't come to church because of his chemo treatments he said that he feels left out. We had some wonderful members at that lesson that helped him resolve the concern and they are going to help him feel more involved. He has a strong desire to come to church. Which is wonderful! I am excited for the day that he will go to church. He has been waiting all his life to be a member.

I felt the prompting that I needed to study the scriptures and why they are so important. Lately I have been reading the stories about Alma and Ammon on their missions. All I have to say is that they were wonderful missionaries. This relates to why the scriptures are so important because in their teaching patterns they first testify. Then they go straight to the scriptures and teach. I have found myself trying to incorporate more scriptures in my teaching. The scriptures are so important when we are teaching and looking for answers. Without the scriptures in our lives we would not know any thing pertaining to our salvation because the scriptures hold all the words of God! That is why they are so precious!

I love you all! Make the scriptures important this week!

Sister Hanson

Sister Sowards, Ronn and Allyson

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Work

Originally sent from Allyson November 16, 2015

I guess I will start off by telling you some funny things! When ever we go to teach the Chin people in their homes and they have little children they have this one funny cartoon they play for their children. It is in English but it sounds like it was made by a different country! It is on the Chu chu channel and they only do lots of rhyming! ahah I think my English might be worse after this too because we always talk in broken English with them. And I have a baby voice when I explain words.

Ronn! We taught Ronn yesterday! He is doing great! He is currently in the book of Jacob!  We bring member couples to the lessons so that he can get to know the ward members so when he gets better and comes to church he will know lots of people! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he accepted it like butter on a pancake! haha. He pretty much was already living it! So that made it really easy for him.

Debbie!!! Debbie is now my mi-maw! As they say in the south!!! She is from Mississippi! She is currently still in Rehab for her tragic fall but she is slowly relearning to walk!!! She loves when we come over to teach her because she learns something new every time! She is currently in 2 Nephi! The sad thing that happened to her was that her mom died this week. She cannot make it to her funeral. But hopefully she will be okay! We are going to see her tomorrow! We also bring lots of members with us to her lessons so that she can get to know them!!! I love her. OH and she says when she gets her sewing machine here she is going to make me a "bible case". I am pretty excited!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! the computer will not upload photos this week so sorry!

Love Sister Hanson

Monday, December 7, 2015

Indianapolis in December...

Our matching outfits! getting ready for Star Wars
This week was crazy!!!!! Up date on the weather. There is still no snow. haha. I am okay with that. Hopefully we don't have a bad winter! Life is all good in Indianapolis!!! We are teaching lots of Chin as well as English people!!!

Last week we got a new investigator!! Her name is Whitney! We taught her the restoration!!! She accepted it!!!! She had looked up stuff about the church before the lesson and she was telling us all kinds of stuff. She was trying to prove to her husband that we are just normal people!!! haha Love her! She and her family should be coming next week to church!!! I am so excited!

Ronn!! We put him on baptismal date this week. March 12th. He is still going though his chemo treatments but he is still reading the Book of Mormon!! This week we taught him the law of chastity!!! He seemed uncomfortable with it at the beginning but we had some great members with us to help him not feel as uncomfortable!!! The Spirit was there and it was strong! I don't know if I will be here for his baptism but I am excited for him to be baptized!

This week at church was the most interesting week I have ever had. We had a Chin preacher come to church and he bore his testimony but it was more like he introduced himself. haha. Then we had another Chin family come to church with us and they don't understand English very well. We had a 16 year old (only Chin member) boy translate for them! Then this older lady who has had brain surgery spoke for like 20 minutes. haha She is so sweet! Love it!

I love all of you! This week has been wonderful!!!! Let your light shine!!!!
Love Sister Hanson

Taking a picture as we walk places!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Here is a picture from our exchanges. We were all matching so we took a picture!!!

Well Happy Thanksmas to everyone. It seemed right as we got done eating Thanksgiving dinner the kids at the home we were at started to put up the tree... hahah and we had Christmas music going the whole day of Thanksgiving!!! So therefore Thanksgiving is now called Thanksmas!!! But besides my weird ideas. This week was great!!!! Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a wonderful family in the ward!!! Oh and before we had Thanksgiving dinner we had a breakfast with the STL's! That was fun. We went to Bob Evans!!!

This week was wonderful! We taught Ronn! This week you will be happy to hear that he is praying about a baptismal date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been reading in Mosiah and is still trying to understand the story of the Lamanites and Nephites. So he always has questions about that when we come to teach him!!!! This week we taught him about the Sabbath day! Each time we teach him I think he can recognize the Spirit better. I have loved teaching him and hopefully he can be baptized before I go home so I can attend the baptism!!!!

Debbie. She is still in Mississippi. So we have not really talked to her yet. I hope she is still reading the Book of Mormon and doing the things we have taught her. We probably will send missionaries her way this week if she does not come back. She got to her mom's funeral so that is good!!!

I also went on exchanges this week and it was good. Our morning started out horrible then we had to get an oil change. So we were just trying to recover from that. But we had faith and went tracting because that is what we needed to do get the spirit. So we did just that! We met a guy who really needed to talk to us. He used to live in Florida and had learned from missionaries there. But he must have not felt the spirit while they taught him or something. because he was very standoffish at first and by the end he wanted us to bring him a Book of Mormon. The Spirit was there. I have learned from that, that if you don't have the Spirit you need to work and by working you will get the spirit!!!

Well, I love all of you!!!

Love Sister Hanson

Thanksgiving Breakfast at Bob Evans!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi everyone!!!!
Life is good here in Indianapolis!!! The weather is getting quite cold but we can bear it!!! We still tract even though it is cold!!!

Debbie!!! She walks!!! So what really happened was we went to go and visit her on Tuesday and she told us she had been fasting for 2 days so that she could walk and go to her mom's funeral. This is all because she was reading about Enos in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon really does have all the answers to the questions we might have. Debbie is now in Mississippi and will be coming back shortly to finish her recovery and finish learning about the church and get baptized!!!!

I spoke at a baptism about the holy ghost. The senior couple in our ward helped get a less active family active again and they asked me and Sister Sowards to speak. Chad is 8 years old and his baptism went well!!! So I got a bear for him (Chad) and read a song called the Holy Ghost.

Ronn is still progressing. We had a wonderful lesson with him about Personal Revelation and we brought the bishop! The bishop really wanted to meet him because he cannot come to church yet. At the end of the lesson Ronn told us that he needs to pray more. hahaha We read the story of Enos with him. Ronn is doing so great he reads the BOM all the time and prays a lot but I think this lesson helped him realize he needs his own testimony!!!!

We had Zone Conference this week! It was a revalatory experience! I think as I keep going on my mission I find more and more things I need to improve on! People say I am a seasoned missionary, but really I am just beginning! Meetings on a mission just bring you closer to the Savior and help you learn how to become a better missionary. I have looked back at those notes a lot since we had zone conference.

Allyson with Sister Sowards

Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfers AGAIN...

Allyson and Sister Sowards

I feel like I just got a new companion like 2 weeks ago and now it is transfers again. hahahaha
My new companion is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been out 3 months and her name is Sister Sowards! Yes you say it like sour-ds. ahha I am now serving in the INDY 1st ward!!! Love it here.  We teach English to refugees Burma. and We also teach regular English people. The ward members help out a lot!!! Love all of them!

Here is an overview of who we are teaching. We are working with one of the member's mom. She is from Mississippi! and she is so funny. She can't come to church because she fell down the stairs and broke her pelvis! So we go and visit her and teach her the lessons! She wants to be a Mormon!!! So she is way funny too since she is from the south! Debbie usually says in every lesson "I don't do stupid people"! Makes me laugh every time!

We are teaching Ronn. They tracted into Ronn. He has a unique story. He is 72 now but when he was 17 before joining the army he took some lessons from missionaries. He had to declare a religion when he join the army so he put LDS. Wow. So they found him a couple of weeks ago and we have been teaching him. He wants to get baptized too, but he has to go through cancer treatments and can't come to church until February! So it is not fun with those 2 and church but they both (Ronn and Debbie)(not related in any way) want to be baptized!!!!

And we are also teaching a bunch of Chin people ahah! we teach them English then we read out of the pamphlets and I will have to get a picture of one of the cards we use so you can see how they work! In this area when we go tracting we run into a lot of Chin people!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Sister Hanson

These five people were all in a musical number on Sunday at a fire side. We sang in a quartet and the girl with the blond hair Sister Doyle played the piano.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Week I Left Terre Haute....

Allyson with the Weeks family (top)  Most of the YSA Branch members on Indiana State University (bottom)

This week is a bittersweet week. I am sad to leave Terre Haute and I thought I was leaving my wonderful companion Sister Tanner here with all the people we had been teaching. But nope, that did not happen.... She is leaving too. Sad.

So let me just tell you about all the wonderful things that have happened this week! First of all Sister Tanner is cured! She now can walk on both of her feet!!! Hallelujah!!!! The weather is getting a bit chilly but just enough for a light jacket. Oh, and all the leaves went pretty then out of the blue they all fell off haha!

So we taught on Sunday (which was yesterday!) we taught this really cute couple Clayborn and Maraih! They both don't have a church and they are going to ISU. They both have had experiences with God that they cannot deny and they are just trying to see where God fits in their life. So we got to teach them the Restoration this week! That was a good last lesson for me and Sister Tanner BTW. We gave them a BOM and committed them the read the introduction. haha I hope they keep learning the with new Sisters that come to replace us!

Okay! We taught Arinze this week! He is doing good. Hopefully he won't freak out when we tell him we are both leaving. And hopefully he will not stop meeting with the missionaries if we leave. But it is all in the Lord's hands. We gave him our search for happiness and he read all of it in a week. So i think he is very interested in the church! haha But all is well.

Cool thing we did this week. We have some family history missionaries (old couple) in our ward. We went to help them with digitizing documents! That was good fun! We were unfolding documents that were from the early 1900s! I always have enjoyed family history! They do this 5 days a week from 8 to 4. So 8 hours a day! Crazy! I was glad I got to help them. They were actually featured on a couple weeks ago! Back to unfolding documents. They had coal dust on them so our hands were black after 2 hours and we were unfolding the documents that they fill in after you die. So that was wonderful!!!

Well hope you have a great week. I will too! I promise! haha
Love Sister Hanson

 A cool Cathedral at Saint-Mary of the Woods

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your Weekly Update from Indiana

Sister Hanson with her hobbled companion Sister Tanner
This week was filled with so many things I have no clue what to write like always!!!! I have been having such a great time just talking to people on campus about their beliefs! So many people are willing to talk to the missionaries! I just have enjoyed being a missionary on campus because young people are willing to try out new things!!!
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Kitchen!!! Those were way fun. We talked to a bunch of people but so far none of them have become new investigators. But no worries, we are going to find teach and baptize the whole campus! haha If only I had BOM missionaries and go on a mission for like 18 years! hahaha

We have been teaching a guy named Arinze! He has been doing good! Keeping his commitments and he even came to the ward Halloween party. And he came to church this Sunday! He has been analyzing the gospel but now we are trying to help him see the gospel from a spiritual side! He has been reading the BOM and he always has questions of the different things that he reads! 

I know the BOM is the word of God and I know by applying it to your life is when you find that lasting conversion. It seems these days the world is getting a lot more wicked and there are only 2 choices. You either go with the world's way or God's way. I choose God. He is the one who will protect us from the things of the world. His ways are always higher than our ways. We must step up or we will fall! We need everyday conversion and that will come from reading your scriptures and praying with a sincere heart!!!!

I hope you all have a great week! I know this church is true. Sorry for the short letter! haha

Love Sister Hanson

Sister Hanson with Sister Kitchen on exchanges

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bon Fires and Fall!

Allyson with her missionary buds.

Okay so first I just wanted to share my ponderizing scripture this week!!!! I just love this one a lot. It was part of a talk that Elder Holland gave a couple conferences ago! Mosiah 4:19

" For behold, are we not all beggars? Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food an raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind? "

So the reason why I liked this scripture is because it reminds me that God has given me everything. When we look to God for everything we need we are truly being humble. Humility is a Christ-like attribute that brings you to look outward and care for others rather than yourself. One way that we can all be more humble is just the simple action of thanking God and anyone who gives you anything!

This week was pretty uneventful other than the fact that we went over to the stake presidents house for a huge bon fire with like 200 other people there! So that was a great fun thing! OH and they roasted a pig so we had some good BBQ.

This week we taught Clayborn! We taught him about the plan of salvation! I think that is my favorite lesson to teach just because it shows how much God really does love us! While we were teaching him the Spirit was so strong and it is just one of those times where you cannot deny that the plan is true! He had so many questions but at the same time I think a lot of things are starting to make sense to him!

We taught so many people this week that it is hard to remember the things I did!

This past General Conference was so inspiring i hope to keep it in my heart through out the rest of the year! I know the leaders and the Prophet are truly inspired and they do talk to God! They know what the world needs right now and they have the spirit of God in them!

Here are some pictures from the Bon Fire/ Pig Roast!

Love you all and hope you have a good week! 
Love Sister Hanson

At the bon fire (pre fire).

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Phone Call!

Me with some alpacas.
Originally sent October 5, 2015

I call this the phone call not because of that funny 80s seminary video that we all enjoyed during high school! Haha I call this the phone call because the other night while we were planning for the next day we got a phone call! Pause for effect! This lady named Martha was on the other line. She talked to us for a while about everything and anything! haha She is a sweet lady. Then we set up an appointment to meet with her! To continue the story we met with her on Friday and it was a great meeting. Turns out she is in her 60s and she has met with missionaries before. We got to the lesson and she told us she read the RESTORATION pamphlet before she met with us. Talk about being prepared. Before the visit we decided we would talk about the restoration. But during the visit everything that came out of me and Sister Tanner's mouths was about the Plan of Salvation. So we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and committed her to read it and pray about it. She knows a couple members and so they will be great to fellowship her. We told her about General Conference. We invited her to come. She called us up on Sunday morning and asked if she could still come! She made it just on time and she loved it! She even took notes! This phone call was a miracle.

On other news like every other missionary out there. General Conference was a blast! I loved Elder Lawrence of the Seventy's talk! He really hit home. If you are ever wondering what you can do better just pray! I love that. I noticed that a lot of this General Conference was centered on the Spirit! If we are more spiritually connected then we will be better instruments in the Lord's hands! This week I will be trying to apply what I have learned from General Conference one little step at a time! First by just praying and listening to see what I can do to be better. Second PONDERIZE the scriptures this week! My scripture this week is 1 Samuel 16:7! This one just brings a lot of comfort to me! 

So I think I just have too much to tell about this week! I will just leave it at what I have! Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Hanson

The wonderful sky here in Indiana

Transfers Again!

Originally sent September 28, 2015

Allyson with her new companion Sister Tanner

This week!!! I got my new companion! Sister Tanner! She is from Middleton, Idaho!!! She is 20 years old she is the oldest of 5 kids and has 4 brothers. We get along great and she has been out for 11 months! So, we are pretty close in mission age! haha We have had a lot of fun figuring out how to teach together and we just have a lot in common!

This week has been great! Destiny is still going through a hard time with her family. But she is keeping strong! We meet with her about 2x a week and just help her understand the gospel better than she has before. She didn't get to come to church this week because she was in Indianapolis but hopefully she will make it next week.

I felt like this week was a pretty good week but a pretty normal week also. We found this guy on campus this week. His name is Clayborn. He has had a rough life and doesn't know much about God. He wants to believe but "he knows not where to find it". We started teaching him the restoration lesson but we then decided to change and talk about the Plan of Salvation. He had so many questions about life. I wish I could help him so badly but he has to find out on his own. Clayborn is a very sincere person and just wants to find truth. We are going to teach him again and I hope the Spirit will touch him.

Collin is kind of iffy about joining the church and likes his religion. So we are working with him and making sure that he reads the BOM because that is where he is going to find his answer if he needs to be baptized.

Markanda, she is doing well. She prayed about a baptism date and we all decided on November 7th. She still wants to look around at other churches. So we are also helping her recognize her answers. Man I wish I could just pour out the Spirit on everyone I meet.

That is the struggle with campus. Most people meet with us a couple of times then decide it is not for them. So I am just trying to figure out how to help them understand the priesthood!

Well my spiritual thought today is one that comes from John 15:13. This verse simply explains what Jesus Christ has done for us! "greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends"! He has so much love for us that he would suffer on our behalf everything that everyone has and will ever go through. Not because he had to, but because he LOVES us.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.
Love Sister Hanson

Playing on the tracks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Destiny is Baptized!

Allyson, Destiny, and Sister Simmons at Destiny's baptism
Well as you can tell Destiny got baptized on Sunday! She had a rocky start to the day but she went through with it despite all the things that Satan threw at her this week! She is definitely a going to be a great member and she felt so wonderful after she was baptized. I will send some pictures of the wonderful day! I got to speak on the Holy Ghost! I learned a lot. 

This week has been amazing. We set a goal to teach 30 lessons. And that is pretty easy on campus. We were so close we hit 29. So next week we will try again! This week was full of new people and a lot of lessons. We met this girl named Markanda on Tuesday. She complimented Sister Simmons on her skirt that she almost changed before we met her. So we decided to teach her a little bit about our church. Now we have taught her about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and she is now praying about what day she should be baptized!!!! So many many miracles are happening on campus!

This week we have also been teaching this guy named Collin that we met about a month ago. He is currently reading the Book of Mormon and searching to see if this is the right thing for him to do. He is a sincere person and really just wants to know the truth. He has a busy schedule on the weekends and so he is not able to come to church and he lives Illinois. So that is also a tough thing to deal with. But so far he has been praying for an answer and he knows one will come but he knows it might take a little more time than usual! 

This week I have also done some really fun things such as! Have a silly string fight, Get a picture with a Wookie, Go to Steak and Shake and got a shake, and of course Destiny's Baptism!!! And doing a lot of fun things with the YSA.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Love Sister Hanson

Missionaries with some of the YSA members?

Allyson and Sister Simmons with a Wookie


Another picture with Destiny

Monday, September 21, 2015

Terre Haute Life!

Originally sent September 14, 2015

A sign in Terre Haute
This week I feel like wasn't that eventful. We started getting colder weather and it is nice now that i can wear sweaters. People on campus are friendly and most of them are open to the message we have to share. We meet with lots of people and end up only having one appointment and then they don't talk to us anymore, but it helps me learn how to teach more simply and refine how I say things. So really I love being on campus!

Destiny is still on track to be baptized. We moved her baptismal date to be on Sunday after Stake Conference! She is ready to be baptized! She is also hanging out with a lot of the YSA that are on ISU! Actually this week she will be going to Nauvoo for a YSA conference. That is why we had to move her baptism to Sunday! She is still loving church even though she does not like the hymns. I wouldn't blame her they are kinda slow from what she is used to! But all is well she is not letting that get to her! I am just so excited for her to be baptized!

On other news this week. I went on exchanges to UI campus in Bloomington. And all I have to say is I like ISU a lot better. UI is a gigantic campus and I feel like I will get lost in that place. haha. 

Cool story. We were teaching a member that is returning to activity. We felt impressed to give her the commitment to read her patriarchal blessing. She then proceeded to tell us that she has been feeling like she has been needing to read it! All I have to say is that the Spirit works in mysterious ways! I love having the Spirit to guide me!

Well I don't have much time! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Hanson

Sorry no pics this week!
"VigoCountyCourthouse" by Simon Dodd at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons -

Heat Wave in Terre Haute

Originally sent September 8, 2015

Destiny and me after church in the car riding home!
As you can tell this week was hotter than you can imagine. But even though it was hot we still had fun! Since it was so hot we went and got a lot of frozen yogurt! Which is the best thing to get on a hot day! Oh, and we also went to this wonderful place called J Gumbos! Oh man, that place is wonderful! They serve Cajun style food! It is to die for! Tastes like what i would imagine as Louisiana (Chelsie B) cooking to its finest!

DESTINY is doing great! She is so ready to get baptized!!!!!!!! We have been talking to her and telling her all about how her baptism is going to go! She is ready to be baptized and she finally came to church on Sunday! She even fasted! Which was so cool. She loved Fast and Testimony meeting! She was sad when Sacrament meeting came to an end! OH and what is way funny is she already thinks she is a Mormon! She tells her family all the time " I can't I'm Mormon". The other day we go over to teach her about Tithing and she has hot chocolate. hahaha She said she was going through "Coffee withdrawals" haha.

We have been having a lot of fun teaching the restoration on campus! We have found 2 people that are curious about our church and they are both very nice and listen with intent! I have learned a lot of new ways to teach while being on campus and I feel like have have been sent here to learn how to be a better teacher! I love being on ISU.

Here is a picture of us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm we do service at! It was early in the morning! The other picture is of me and Destiny after church in the car riding home!

Us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Hanson

The busiest week ever

Originally sent on August 31, 2015

We helped some members do a chalk drawing!

So as you can tell by the title I had a busy week! We talked to so many people on campus. Here are some random things that we did this week. First off I went to a bible study on campus that one of the elder's investigators invited us to! I got really confused during it, so I had to go home and study more about the things we talked about. It's hard to be a missionary sometimes. hahaha.

Cool thing that happened this week. We were going to a member's house to eat dinner. And mind you, I don't know anyone here! hahah. (by the way, she had to pick us up because we don't have a car) So, we had the best dinner with her! We planned a lesson about prayer and it was exactly what she needed! I love planning and having the Spirit! Things just work out. But anyways, back to the story.  She was nervous for the missionaries because she has never had missionaries over before. We had a wonderful time. She was a convert a long time ago and she is just coming back to church! It is amazing what the Spirit can do! So we talked about how she is working on going to the temple soon! Hopefully we get to go with her to do baptisms!!!! So many miracles have happened because of the temple!

Alright, so we have been teaching Destiny a lot this week. We have taught her all the make or break lessons. Such as the Law of Chastity and The Word of Wisdom! She has committed to live them. Her mom does not like Mormons, but Destiny still wants to be a Mormon! She is black and has a crazy personality! I love her. She is doing pretty well other than not coming to church. Man, she was in Indy with her mom! Oh well, next week she will come and then get baptized in 2 weeks which is the last week of the transfer! Hopefully everything works out!
The last thing we did this week that was fun and you guys would be interested in reading about is we went to the downtown Terre Haute block party! We helped some members do a chalk drawing! OH my that was fun!!!! I will send some pictures!

In ward council this week and 3rd hour we have been talking about the Sabbath day! It is so important! Go look up Doctrine and Covenants 59:9-10! It talks about how we should keep ourselves unspotted from the world! The Sabbath is truly a day to rest from our labors and pay our devotions to God! We should be doing things that are pleasing to him and make that day truly a delight.

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great day.
Love Sister Hanson

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crazy Week!

Allyson with Sister Cleveland, the mission president's wife

Well this week has been crazy! From moving apartments to not having a car and teaching like crazy! This week has been a good one full of the Spirit and all good things about the temple! We had the temple dedication on Sunday and it was an amazing experience! I love the temple and I am so excited to go do some of my ancestor's work! We also got to watch the temple celebration! That had a spirit all of its own! It was wonderful! I am so excited that Indiana has a temple now! It has already brought so many miracles with it!

This week we got to teach Destiny! Destiny has been doing so well! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! She has been soaking it up! She is in the process of picking a baptismal date this week! We met with her 3 times last week. On Saturday she told us she wanted to come to church. Too bad only members can go to the dedication.... But she is coming next week. She has a strong desire to be baptized! So I am just way excited I get to be a part of her life at this time! Her mom is not too keen on her going to church, but she wants to do it! She has so much faith! I am so amazed that she has been so prepared to receive the gospel. She told us that she was going to go to a party but then she felt like she needed to go home. So she did! It is amazing to see how close to the Spirit she is! I am just so excited I get to help her come to baptism! Oh and she really wants to go to the temple too!

We have been doing a lot of finding on campus! So that is always fun! School just started on Wednesday! So campus is always packed with people! It is so great, but sometimes I have no clue who to talk to. There are just so many people! I love it! 

I love you all and have a great week! The scripture this week is Mosiah 23:21-23. This one talks about why we have bad things happen to us! Oh, and Moroni 7:44-47 talks about charity! Enjoy!

Love Sister Hanson

Allyson's new address:
101 Locust St., Apt 9
Terre Haute, IN 47807
The crew at the local Dairy Queen
Elder Bair with his shirt on backwards

Monday, August 24, 2015


Allyson by a cool sign!
So crazy things have happened this week! First off I got transferred to Wabash 1.2 (aka Terre Haute)! I am now serving on Indiana State University campus! Crazy! We don't even have a branch for the YSA yet, but we do have lots of fun with them. We go to institute on Tuesdays, have FHE on Sundays, and sports/game night on Fridays! So we have fun! But we work hard. School will be starting for them on Wednesday. But we have had a lot of people moving in so we have talked to lots of people! Everyone in the YSA is willing to come with us to lessons so that is great too! We are on campus most of the time just PCing. 

Allyson with her new companion Simmons
Second off I am half training. So I went from training to training. What a surprise! hahaha Her name is Sister Simmons and she has been out 6 weeks. She is 19. She is from Alpine, Utah. She went to Utah State for a year before she came out. If you want more info let me know!

This week all I have done is personal contact into people on campus. It is so difficult to stop people and talk to them about the gospel. But I am working on my skills! This week I have met Brit. She was baptized in May but she is already less active so we are working with her to get her to come back to church. We have one girl her name is Destiny and she wants to get baptized and I just met her yesterday! (oh yeah just a fun fact a lot of people that we do teach are black! My dream has come true!) Destiny is great. She has a desire to be baptized and now we just need to get her to come to church.

Yesterday we did a fun service project! We were crew leaders for this bike park project! We dug trails for bikes and we cleared what seemed like forests of branches! Then the people that had us volunteer for the service took us out to lunch! 

The members from the Wabash Ward feed us so we have lots of fun with them! Oh and I have to say this area is a lot like my first area! Every one here is a Hoosier!  I love Hoosiers! This is not a rich area but in this area rich do live here. So you have your choice of where you can go to contact people! The area is very diverse with all different ethnic groups! So that is one thing that I do love about Terre Haute.

Well if you have any other questions let me know I can answer them!
Ohhhh one thing I learned about this week was the work sanctify! Sanctify means to consecrate! So if you go deeper into that it means you are literally dedicating yourself to the Lord! Whoa. Think about that when you are taking the Sacrament! Also our transfer scripture is Enos 1:12 which says:

12 And it came to pass that after I had prayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant thee according to thy desires because of thy faith.

I love that because Enos had struggled for so long with all of these burdens and he was now able to feel comfort because he had done what he need to! Jesus Christ the Lord gave him what he needed in his time of need! If we have righteous desires and faith that those things can come to pass then Jesus Christ can help us with anything. Even if it is a hard class in school!

I love you all and hope you find strength in the scriptures!

Love Sister Hanson

Her new district

Cool sock tan

Monday, August 17, 2015

End of a Wonderful Open House on to a New Adventure!

Here is a picture of me and Sister Richardson

**Original post was 10 Aug 2015**

Well It makes me sad to say it but the temple open house is over... tear. But good news is, is that now we get to look forward to the dedication and the temple celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been pretty great! We got to work at the temple open house on Thursday evening and Friday and Sa
aturday! Great way to end the open house!

One miracle that happened (as dad already mentioned in his email to me) is that I met some people from Shelley, Idaho. I have no clue why they are here but it was fun to talk to them! Another Miracle that happened is that I got to meet lots of people that live in our area that came to the temple open house! What are the chances that we met each other! I am not sure if they are interested in learning more but they know that the missionaries that live in their area are real people.

Well these past few weeks have been strange but lots of fun! I have been learning a lot about myself and things I need to work on to become a better person! I have been learning a lot about humility! Wow, I love learning about it! I have learned that without humility you can't have the Spirit! Having the Spirit is so essential in missionary work. Humility is also helpful in submitting your will to the Father. Humility is something that when you have it God is more likely to use you as his instrument! Being an instrument in the Lord's hand is the best thing and it brings you closer to God and can help you find your purpose in life because you are submitting your will to God.

Well I love you all! Have a great week! I will be getting transferred to an new area with a new companion!

Love Sister Hanson!

Allyson with Jenn Cannon from Shelley Idaho at the Indianapolis Temple Open House.
She is good friends with Bryce, Allyson's Uncle.