Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your Weekly Update from Indiana

Sister Hanson with her hobbled companion Sister Tanner
This week was filled with so many things I have no clue what to write like always!!!! I have been having such a great time just talking to people on campus about their beliefs! So many people are willing to talk to the missionaries! I just have enjoyed being a missionary on campus because young people are willing to try out new things!!!
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Kitchen!!! Those were way fun. We talked to a bunch of people but so far none of them have become new investigators. But no worries, we are going to find teach and baptize the whole campus! haha If only I had BOM missionaries and go on a mission for like 18 years! hahaha

We have been teaching a guy named Arinze! He has been doing good! Keeping his commitments and he even came to the ward Halloween party. And he came to church this Sunday! He has been analyzing the gospel but now we are trying to help him see the gospel from a spiritual side! He has been reading the BOM and he always has questions of the different things that he reads! 

I know the BOM is the word of God and I know by applying it to your life is when you find that lasting conversion. It seems these days the world is getting a lot more wicked and there are only 2 choices. You either go with the world's way or God's way. I choose God. He is the one who will protect us from the things of the world. His ways are always higher than our ways. We must step up or we will fall! We need everyday conversion and that will come from reading your scriptures and praying with a sincere heart!!!!

I hope you all have a great week! I know this church is true. Sorry for the short letter! haha

Love Sister Hanson

Sister Hanson with Sister Kitchen on exchanges

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