Monday, November 2, 2015

The Week I Left Terre Haute....

Allyson with the Weeks family (top)  Most of the YSA Branch members on Indiana State University (bottom)

This week is a bittersweet week. I am sad to leave Terre Haute and I thought I was leaving my wonderful companion Sister Tanner here with all the people we had been teaching. But nope, that did not happen.... She is leaving too. Sad.

So let me just tell you about all the wonderful things that have happened this week! First of all Sister Tanner is cured! She now can walk on both of her feet!!! Hallelujah!!!! The weather is getting a bit chilly but just enough for a light jacket. Oh, and all the leaves went pretty then out of the blue they all fell off haha!

So we taught on Sunday (which was yesterday!) we taught this really cute couple Clayborn and Maraih! They both don't have a church and they are going to ISU. They both have had experiences with God that they cannot deny and they are just trying to see where God fits in their life. So we got to teach them the Restoration this week! That was a good last lesson for me and Sister Tanner BTW. We gave them a BOM and committed them the read the introduction. haha I hope they keep learning the with new Sisters that come to replace us!

Okay! We taught Arinze this week! He is doing good. Hopefully he won't freak out when we tell him we are both leaving. And hopefully he will not stop meeting with the missionaries if we leave. But it is all in the Lord's hands. We gave him our search for happiness and he read all of it in a week. So i think he is very interested in the church! haha But all is well.

Cool thing we did this week. We have some family history missionaries (old couple) in our ward. We went to help them with digitizing documents! That was good fun! We were unfolding documents that were from the early 1900s! I always have enjoyed family history! They do this 5 days a week from 8 to 4. So 8 hours a day! Crazy! I was glad I got to help them. They were actually featured on a couple weeks ago! Back to unfolding documents. They had coal dust on them so our hands were black after 2 hours and we were unfolding the documents that they fill in after you die. So that was wonderful!!!

Well hope you have a great week. I will too! I promise! haha
Love Sister Hanson

 A cool Cathedral at Saint-Mary of the Woods

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