Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi everyone!!!!
Life is good here in Indianapolis!!! The weather is getting quite cold but we can bear it!!! We still tract even though it is cold!!!

Debbie!!! She walks!!! So what really happened was we went to go and visit her on Tuesday and she told us she had been fasting for 2 days so that she could walk and go to her mom's funeral. This is all because she was reading about Enos in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon really does have all the answers to the questions we might have. Debbie is now in Mississippi and will be coming back shortly to finish her recovery and finish learning about the church and get baptized!!!!

I spoke at a baptism about the holy ghost. The senior couple in our ward helped get a less active family active again and they asked me and Sister Sowards to speak. Chad is 8 years old and his baptism went well!!! So I got a bear for him (Chad) and read a song called the Holy Ghost.

Ronn is still progressing. We had a wonderful lesson with him about Personal Revelation and we brought the bishop! The bishop really wanted to meet him because he cannot come to church yet. At the end of the lesson Ronn told us that he needs to pray more. hahaha We read the story of Enos with him. Ronn is doing so great he reads the BOM all the time and prays a lot but I think this lesson helped him realize he needs his own testimony!!!!

We had Zone Conference this week! It was a revalatory experience! I think as I keep going on my mission I find more and more things I need to improve on! People say I am a seasoned missionary, but really I am just beginning! Meetings on a mission just bring you closer to the Savior and help you learn how to become a better missionary. I have looked back at those notes a lot since we had zone conference.

Allyson with Sister Sowards

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