Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transfers!!!! and Pigs

Sister Hanson with her latest investigator
Well this week was the week of changes. I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Peel and She has been out six more weeks than me. She is from Huntsville, Alabama. I am still in Plymouth and the work is going well. Right now we have 3 progressing investigators and they are all wonderful.

Sisters Hanson, Barker, and Peel
This week we taught Juliana more about baptism and the requirements for baptism! It went well and she doesn't seem to have any problems with any of the things we talked about other than she doesn't remember the law of tithing. haha I don't think I knew that when I was 10. She is doing great other than she hasn't come to church in forever it is killing me.

Oh and as you know Patricia still has only come to church once since her baptism which kills me also but what are you going to do force her. hahaha She is still doing great. She brought one of her friends and he is interested in the church so that could go somewhere. 

We haven't done much this week because I am helping Sister Peel get used to everything here in Plymouth but the work is great and things are moving along well. We now have two elders who can speak Spanish in Plymouth. Even though we don't have a Spanish area here. I pretty much could tell you every street in Plymouth if you asked me to. hahaha I will forever remember Plymouth in all its glory.

We taught Michelle this week too! She is doing good and is still wanting to learn so that is always a plus.

Last night we went and held some pigs and I got some pictures of it!!! I have to say pigs are stinky!!!! But cute. These pigs were probably about a day old and they are already huge.

Well I love all of you and hope you have a great week!!!!
Love Sister Hanson 

Indiana Indianapolis Temple
to be dedicated August 23, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Transfers again! Lots of Snow!

Sister Hanson in the Indiana snow
Wow this week has been a blizzard!!! Literally a blizzard! We have had our cars grounded for 4 days of the week last week. So we sat inside a lot wondering what to do because we couldn't drive to our appointments. Well enough with that. It has been snowing non stop. We get a lot of lake effect snow and now we have about a foot of snow!!! ohhh it is always fun to walk in. I have tripped a couple of times in the snow. Hahah and it looks like potato flakes because the snow flakes are so big. The roads are just covered with snow and the plows only scrape off a layer. So we still have snow on the roads and they also put sand on the roads... No salt so the snow never melts.

This week we went over to Juliana's and a miracle happened. We committed her to pray about a day she should get baptized. She prayed about it and she said she felt a happy feeling when she prayed!! Hallelujah! And then we asked her to pray to see if she could be baptized on the 18th of January! She said she would pray!!!! Ahhhhhh my mind was in awe!! Miracles are happening and when we had a lesson with her about baptism her mom was totally into it! Which made it even better! She now understands why people are baptized! Hopefully she will come to church again and like it this time!! And in the near future she can be baptized!!!!

I don't know what else to talk about. One of the Elders in my district is training this upcoming transfer and he doesn't have a car because they crashed it last week. Ekkkkk. It is sad they totaled their car and so now they have to hang around the Bremen elders all the time or just walk. They could be getting a new car soon! Hopefully they will.
I am getting my hair trimmed today! It has a lot of split ends so that will be a nice change. Well, not really a change, but just a clean slate!

The elders had a baptism on Sunday and it went well! I played the piano like usual!! hahaha It was a good baptism too!! It seems that more and more people don't know how to play the piano and it saddens me. I am definitely going to make my children learn how to play the piano.

Well I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Hanson!

Sister Hanson and Sister Barker

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years!!!!

Allyson at the Chicago Temple

This week was amazing!!!!! We did an overload of things!!!!

Monday we had a shortened p-day and those are never fun they throw you off your groove... But we still had a good day none the less. Also this week we got a hold of people I have never met in our branch before. Miracles are happening!

Tuesday we went to the temple!!! That was the greatest ever. The Chicago Temple is kinda small but it is so beautiful. It was nice just to sit in the temple and relax and just feel the spirit! Then we went and ate some Chicago deep dish pizza. Delicious!!!!! Well really I just like pizza so any kind is pleasing to me.

Chicago Temple
Wednesday, New Years Eve, we had to be in by 5:00. So that Was fun we just did a lot of visiting people that we know cause most people were having new years party's and we didn't want to run into drunk people. Then there is the tradition that you have to stay up until midnight so we did. I am a rule breaker! hehe. New years day we had a full P-Day. That was nice! We went up to Mishawalka and played sports at the stake center with a bunch of missionaries. Then we went shopping! Best day of my life haven't been shopping in about 4 months other than grocery shopping. We had dinner with a family in our branch. They are the greatest. They have been going through a hard time lately and so when we went over they really loved us and now they signed up to feed us every week!! hahaha I love the branch.

We have been teaching Juliana lately and she doesn't want to get baptized. It makes me sad. She says way good prayers and seems like she is doing good. But she hasn't come to church lately and hopefully she will. We went over and talked to her about why she does't want to get baptized and we still don't know why she doesn't. I think she is just scared about going under water. On the bright side Patricia came to church!! Greatest day ever she hasn't come in so long. I was so happy to see her there! She even brought her friend with her and he speaks Spanish and he liked church too. The elders got his phone number so they could start teaching him. Ahhh Miracles! 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! I did! 
Sister Hanson

Here are some pictures of Chicago and more Chicago.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas in Plymouth!!!!!

Christmas in Plymouth
This week was wonderful!!!! On Christmas we went over to a members house for lunch and had loads of food and she gave us loads of food to take home. Then we went and Skyped Sister Barker's family!! We then went to eat dinner at a family in the branch!!! they had lots of yummy food!!! We got to watch some parts of Frozen. That was great!!! Played a game where you get white elephant gifts and read a story a pass the presents the way the story says. Aka Left or Right!!! I got a word search book. Those things will be great when we get stuck inside and there is nothing to do!!!! The things I look forward to as a missionary. hahahah. 

The rest of the week went pretty good. Although the day after Christmas was not as good because we were both not feeling well. It was probably from all the food we ate and our day was so busy. So that probably didn't help. But we had a good week!

On Sunday we had an investigator at church even before we started teaching her. HA the best ever. She liked church. She said it was different from the catholic church. Her name  is Michele and she just got out of prison. Don't you worry she is really nice!!! We asked he if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes. Don't know how it will work out with the prison situation but we will just take a go at it. She seems really sincere. 

We have a lesson with Juliana today and hopefully we can get her on a baptismal date! We are going to challenge her!!! They went to Tennessee for Christmas so we haven't seen her for a while. We talked to her mom yesterday about her being baptized and once we can get her to commit her mom is fine with her being baptized!

 I love you all and hope you had a merry Christmas!!!!

Sister Hanson
Allyson's District

Week...I have no clue!! hahaha

Allyson with some mission friends

This week has been so crazy getting ready for Christmas and all the wonderful jazz that goes with it! First of all let me tell you about Christmas conference!!!!!! I was so excited for Christmas conference. All the missionaries from the Indiana Indianapolis mission went to Carmel. We had a wonderful time! We had some wonderful trainings on the different attributes of Christ. We learned about hope and it was so cool I have never looked at hope in that way. If you get a chance to look at hope or read some scriptures about hope it is just so wonderful and helps me understand Christ better. Then we had a talent show!!!! It was so much fun!!! Our Zone did synchronized swimming. haha not many people laughed but I thought it was funny! A lot of people sang and danced!! That was fun. oh and some one jumped over president Cleveland!!! That was the best one! 

President Cleveland and Santa

This week we have been with lots of member and less-actives. It seems everyone is busy or sick or at the store. So we didn't get many lessons this week and this next week is going to be crazy because of Christmas and everyone has their families over.

We got to teach Young Womens this week! It was fun and we were able to talk to the Young Women about inviting people to learn about the gospel! It was so fun and we watched a talk that was from the most recent conference!!!! It is called "Come and See". Man I love that talk. Go watch it. I love the story about the 2 boys bandaging each other and their friends.

We also taught Ashley this week. We taught her the plan of salvation and she responded well to it. She asked a lot of questions about our life style and she seems interested in joining the church. Which is so cool. I hope one day I can be there when she is baptized. Teaching is easier for me now. I love testifying. She is doing great we meet with her once a week. Hopefully we can get her to come to church one of these days.

Okay so for Skype I will be going over to the members house at 11 am my time which is 9 am your time. We have a lunch appointment at 1 so I can Skype till then and that settles it.

Sister Hanson