Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transfers!!!! and Pigs

Sister Hanson with her latest investigator
Well this week was the week of changes. I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Peel and She has been out six more weeks than me. She is from Huntsville, Alabama. I am still in Plymouth and the work is going well. Right now we have 3 progressing investigators and they are all wonderful.

Sisters Hanson, Barker, and Peel
This week we taught Juliana more about baptism and the requirements for baptism! It went well and she doesn't seem to have any problems with any of the things we talked about other than she doesn't remember the law of tithing. haha I don't think I knew that when I was 10. She is doing great other than she hasn't come to church in forever it is killing me.

Oh and as you know Patricia still has only come to church once since her baptism which kills me also but what are you going to do force her. hahaha She is still doing great. She brought one of her friends and he is interested in the church so that could go somewhere. 

We haven't done much this week because I am helping Sister Peel get used to everything here in Plymouth but the work is great and things are moving along well. We now have two elders who can speak Spanish in Plymouth. Even though we don't have a Spanish area here. I pretty much could tell you every street in Plymouth if you asked me to. hahaha I will forever remember Plymouth in all its glory.

We taught Michelle this week too! She is doing good and is still wanting to learn so that is always a plus.

Last night we went and held some pigs and I got some pictures of it!!! I have to say pigs are stinky!!!! But cute. These pigs were probably about a day old and they are already huge.

Well I love all of you and hope you have a great week!!!!
Love Sister Hanson 

Indiana Indianapolis Temple
to be dedicated August 23, 2015

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