Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I have no clue what to title this! Maybe I will call it TEMPLE!!! ahah

Sister Hanson and Sister Peel with their latest investigator
Well this week was kind of boring! Not going to lie! We got some more snow and it has been fairly warm other than when the snow came because we all know when snow comes so does the cold!

To start off my email to day I want to share with you my favorite scripture! It is Palms 118:8 and this is my favorite scripture because it helped me when I was struggling. This scripture is small and only talks about two things to not trust in man but to trust God! This week I feel like I have been doing that a lot I have had to leave a lot of things to the lord! We have been trying to get 20 lessons and we really thought we would this week but we didn't. I know I definitely gave it my all and we tried to use our time wisely! But one good thing is that we met some of our other goals and our district even made all of our goals!

We did have some success this week we were able to get Juliana on a baptismal date for February 22nd the last Sunday I have in Plymouth!! She kills me she is the one who picked it. Her mom is totally on board and she seems to be progressing! Our district has a goal for 10 people on a baptismal date a week we have 11 Miracle right there! Also our goal as a district was to get 56 lessons! We got exactly that this week!! whoooo!

Last night we had some time after dinner so we went and visited a part member family! The Slane's! They are wonderful! Sister Slane is Catholic and not looking to join the church but she and her husband agreed to come on a church tour! Hopefully that might spark some interest in coming to church or learning more about the church! She is a very intelligent lady and friendly! I hope she doesn't think we are pushy! haha

The Indy temple is scheduled for an open house in JULY I cannot believe it!!  Ahhhh It is coming so soon! I hit my 5 month mark tomorrow! Whooo 13 months left!!! Life is good lately! Being on a mission feels like normal life! I hate wearing pants and now I love skirts. I still love shopping! I am still me, just missionary me! Love all of you as always! Have a good week!

Love Sister Hanson

Here is me holding a tarantula

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