Friday, February 13, 2015

Missionary Work and Miracles!

Allyson with her companion Sister Peel 
Well this week was skiwampus (don't know how to spell it)! You get the idea right! Well we had church which was wonderful! I got to speak and people though it was great! I don't know why I was nervous because I know everyone in that branch and I talk to people all day long. It must be mental. hahaha 

We are working with a less active in our branch and she is great! Sister Schnieder! She is great we decided to be bold in a lesson and talk to her about coming to church! She hasn't come in a while and she wants to go to the temple! So we decided to be bold! and I guess why I am telling this is because when you have the spirit and you feel prompted to say something do be afraid to say it! God knows what we need and he answers our prayers through other people and you don't know whose prayer you could answer! So be bold when you know you need to say something! 

We have been trying to find people to teach but we just can't seem to find any. So we have been praying a lot! We just got to get out there and work harder especially since the weather is nicer!

Juliana is doing good! She looks like she will be ready for her baptism on the 22nd! I am so excited for her! Hopefully she will accept the fact that she is getting baptized soon! I think everyday she is getting closer!

Well I love you all! Here are some pictures of our neighbors wicked icicles, And me being twinners with dad! Me in front of a big pile of snow! WHooooo

Allyson in front of a big pile of snow... her dad 32 years ago in Pennsylvania.