Monday, July 20, 2015

Temple!!!!!!! Open!!!!!! House!!!!!!!

In front of the Indianapolis Temple on her second day of the Open House

Well if you can guess what this whole email will be about you have read my mind! The temple open house is here! In just two days we have almost 10 thousand people come through! I am so excited that I get to be a part of this great work! I will tell some of the great experiences that I have had at the temple open house this week! But before that I will tell you about my week!

Well we have been trying to work with out a car. Our car has been officially totaled. So, we don't get a car until next transfer. Which I will be gone. hahah this is so funny right. It would happen to me. I think Heavenly Father is trying to teach me that we need members at every lesson. Which we have great members! They help us out a lot! We have been contacting all of our former's and literally everyone that we can about the temple! So that is really what our week consisted of! Oh, and we have been having lots of missionaries that have gone home come back for the temple open house. So that has been fun! They have been helping us out a lot too! They are just inviting everyone they come in contact with to come to the open house! Ahhhh I just can't explain how this temple is going to help this area so much.

Okay temple time! This week we had the opportunity to work in the video rooms where we tell them about their experience and show them a 10 minute video about temples. We have a new video that has never been shown and it is a good video. I have watched it about 200 times now and I still love it! In the tent we get to talk to people about their experiences! I have talked to so many people! haha Everyone has been so great! And even the protesters are nice to us! I got to use my ASL (american sign language) abilities! That was great! This couple has been members for a while and they are an older couple and I talked to them for about 20 minutes and they just were so excited that the temple was here. And before the older gentleman left he thanked me for talking to them. I can't even remember what else happened but all the things have been so great!

Josh Merkley! He will be missed. I knew him a little bit. But I just wanted to say he had a contagious laugh and could light up any room he walked into. I remember how funny and happy he was all the time! I remember those times sitting around the campfire in a big group of friends and he would just make us laugh! I remember him coming with Jordan, Audrey, Elise, Becky and everyone else coming to my 16th birthday party and they all just made my day! Josh is just a great person and I bet everyone that knew him will never forget him! I will never forget about him and the fun times during cross country! He just made everyone around him better! I will miss him!

Hope you have an amazing week!
Love Sister Hanson

In front of the Indianapolis Temple

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Temple Has Come!!!!!!

With John and Katrine

Wow! let me just tell you this week has been the best week on my mission so far! We have had miracle after miracle! Heavenly Father has truly blessed Indiana! Oh and he has blessed me! Here is kinda an overlook of what happened! We have had the most terrifying rain storms of my life, Temple trainings that have been amazing, and just wonderful teaching appointments! All without having a car! So my life has just been amazing this week!

Well let me tell you about a miracle we had this week! A couple weeks ago we had a man call us and give us a referral! He is a returned missionary from Utah and has been selling pest control along with some copies of the Book of Mormon! haha But anyways. He called us and told us to set up an appointment with this couple he gave a Book of Mormon to! We set up the appointment for Thursday evening. We go there expecting them to give us a lukewarm welcome. But in fact they were happy to see us! We brought a couple with us! We planned on teaching them about the Book of Mormon. He asked us for an hour and a half of our time! We gladly said yes! We taught them (John and Katrine) about almost everything about the church! John had to go back to Africa the next day so we sent missionaries to his house! The closest house of worship is 7 hours away from his house and it is only a branch. This makes me so grateful for how close our church house is and especially our temple! Oh and cool side note, Katrine came to sacrament meeting and brought her son Amin with her! Made my day!

On an even happier note this week we get to start working the temple open house! Wow, I am so excited! We got to go through the temple yesterday with some of our investigators! That was amazing! The spirit in the temple is like nothing else! This temple is going to help everyone so much! I just don't know how to express my feelings about the is just so magnificent!

Okay I love you all and I will send lots of pictures!

Love Sister Hanson

At the newly finished Indianapolis Temple


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Fourth of July and Millions of miracles!

Us with Sister Meacham and Jacob!

TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE IN JUST 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was grand! I have no clue where to start.... I guess I will go backwards! I will start with the 4th of July! We began the day with district meeting! We have a new district leader and he is great and has lots of faith in all of us! We have a district where everyone is training a new missionary. haha! So that is great! Then we went to a members house for a BBQ and that was so much fun! We had all the great 4th food! Then we watched the most grand fireworks at Hummel park! We had the best seat in the house! Oh and it is so green a humid here I just love it! Members have been so great taking us places and helping us out! 

Well I will tell you two miracles this week! So the first one is we had no clue what to do after lunch one day and we don't have a car. We knew we needed to get out of our apartment. So we started to walk. We didn't know where we were going but we were going. Then one of our former investigators happens to be riding on his motorcycle where we are walking. He sees us and honks turns around and starts to talk to us! Okay i am going off on a tangent for a minute. The director for the temple is letting all the missionaries bring investigators to the open house a weeks early on the 12th of July! Well that comes to my mind as we were talking to him on the street. So we decided to invited him and his wife! He said he would talk to his wife and that they would be glad to come. The funny thing is we were grocery shopping this morning and we see him again. haha. I think Heavenly Father is trying to tell us that we need to start teaching them again. He lives just a neighborhood over from us.
Second miracle! The Ohio Missionaries called us 2 days ago and told us that they are having a family that was investigating in their area is moving into our ward! So we have set up an appointment with them to go and help them unpack and get to know them! I think this is a miracle because the temple is right around the corner and we are going to bring them to the open house! ahhhhhhh We are just getting so many blessings lately! This temple is just drawing people to it!

Well I love you all! Have a great week! Go to the temple!

Here is a picture of our car SAD:(

Love Sister Hanson

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The week everything hit me!

Here is a picture of us in downtown Indy on my birthday!

Well as you can tell this week was crazy! It has been off and on raining this whole week! We had a pretty good start to the week! We were in high spirits and we committed ourselves to find some people who were prepared! We were doing pretty well until Thursday hit!

Literally Thursday hit us hard! We did some weekly planning and then we went out to try our potential investigators! None of them answered but it was almost 2:00 and that is when the whole mission tracts and prays together. Where ever you are we stop and pray to find new investigators! So we were going to a less active's house and this guy comes around the corner and hits us. While we were driving. So yes we did get in a car accident! But we are doing okay. The driver of the car was arrested from what I know. And now we do not have a car! We are doing good without one! Oh and I am not hurt in any way! A lot of the members are helping us with getting to appointments and they are just good at driving us places! It is funny right before we got in the accident a lot of people started asking us to come out with us! So really this is a tender mercy for everyone that is involved!

So this week was kinda crazy! We did have some good experiences with tracting this week! We met this lady who was really interested in going to the temple open house! She was glad that we stopped by! We also had a good experience visiting some less actives that just moved into our area! They own a restaurant in Plainfield! The mom is a member and she is from Mexico and her kids are not baptized and neither is her husband. They told us they are going to Mexico for 4 weeks and after that they would come to the temple open house! Hopefully they get back in time! 

Well, all of you should not worry about me and my comp! We are doing great! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!

Love Sister Hanson

Father's Day, My Birthday, and Miracles everywhere!

Birthday Girl!

Originally written June 22, 2015

Well first of all I have to say Happy Fathers day to my dad! He is the greatest dad a girl could ask for! He is so helpful and always has the best advice! I look up to him in so many ways! He always helped out with all of my science projects and other school projects! He knows how to comfort me when I am sad and knows how to help with all the car problems I have! I love you dad! You are the best dad!

Okay next thing a bunch of miracles happened this week! Here is just one of the things that happened this week. We had a miracle when we were tracting and we had 5 minutes left until we had lunch so we decided to knock on 3 more doors. We knocked on this door and a lady came out! We told her we were missionaries and she said she was "affiliated with the Latter Day Saints". She proceeded to tell us she just moved here a month ago from England! We asked her if she was baptized. She said she was not. (but we think she thinks she is a member). She told us her husband is a member and she has been going to the church for a year in England! They were going to Missouri to be with family for two weeks so they did not have much time to talk. We invited her to the temple. She was glad we stopped by! We got her number and told her we would call her in two weeks! Wow! I love missionary work!

Well my birthday is today and so far we went to this wonderful restaurant call First Watch. It was delicious! I had a wonderful omelet! Some members wanted to take us out for my birthday so that is what we did! Then I have no clue what we are doing today so yeah! I opened my present and it was wonderful thanks so much!

Love Sister Hanson

A picture from when they went to the Louisville Temple

Birthday cookie!