Thursday, July 2, 2015

The week everything hit me!

Here is a picture of us in downtown Indy on my birthday!

Well as you can tell this week was crazy! It has been off and on raining this whole week! We had a pretty good start to the week! We were in high spirits and we committed ourselves to find some people who were prepared! We were doing pretty well until Thursday hit!

Literally Thursday hit us hard! We did some weekly planning and then we went out to try our potential investigators! None of them answered but it was almost 2:00 and that is when the whole mission tracts and prays together. Where ever you are we stop and pray to find new investigators! So we were going to a less active's house and this guy comes around the corner and hits us. While we were driving. So yes we did get in a car accident! But we are doing okay. The driver of the car was arrested from what I know. And now we do not have a car! We are doing good without one! Oh and I am not hurt in any way! A lot of the members are helping us with getting to appointments and they are just good at driving us places! It is funny right before we got in the accident a lot of people started asking us to come out with us! So really this is a tender mercy for everyone that is involved!

So this week was kinda crazy! We did have some good experiences with tracting this week! We met this lady who was really interested in going to the temple open house! She was glad that we stopped by! We also had a good experience visiting some less actives that just moved into our area! They own a restaurant in Plainfield! The mom is a member and she is from Mexico and her kids are not baptized and neither is her husband. They told us they are going to Mexico for 4 weeks and after that they would come to the temple open house! Hopefully they get back in time! 

Well, all of you should not worry about me and my comp! We are doing great! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!

Love Sister Hanson

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