Thursday, July 2, 2015

Father's Day, My Birthday, and Miracles everywhere!

Birthday Girl!

Originally written June 22, 2015

Well first of all I have to say Happy Fathers day to my dad! He is the greatest dad a girl could ask for! He is so helpful and always has the best advice! I look up to him in so many ways! He always helped out with all of my science projects and other school projects! He knows how to comfort me when I am sad and knows how to help with all the car problems I have! I love you dad! You are the best dad!

Okay next thing a bunch of miracles happened this week! Here is just one of the things that happened this week. We had a miracle when we were tracting and we had 5 minutes left until we had lunch so we decided to knock on 3 more doors. We knocked on this door and a lady came out! We told her we were missionaries and she said she was "affiliated with the Latter Day Saints". She proceeded to tell us she just moved here a month ago from England! We asked her if she was baptized. She said she was not. (but we think she thinks she is a member). She told us her husband is a member and she has been going to the church for a year in England! They were going to Missouri to be with family for two weeks so they did not have much time to talk. We invited her to the temple. She was glad we stopped by! We got her number and told her we would call her in two weeks! Wow! I love missionary work!

Well my birthday is today and so far we went to this wonderful restaurant call First Watch. It was delicious! I had a wonderful omelet! Some members wanted to take us out for my birthday so that is what we did! Then I have no clue what we are doing today so yeah! I opened my present and it was wonderful thanks so much!

Love Sister Hanson

A picture from when they went to the Louisville Temple

Birthday cookie!

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