Monday, July 20, 2015

Temple!!!!!!! Open!!!!!! House!!!!!!!

In front of the Indianapolis Temple on her second day of the Open House

Well if you can guess what this whole email will be about you have read my mind! The temple open house is here! In just two days we have almost 10 thousand people come through! I am so excited that I get to be a part of this great work! I will tell some of the great experiences that I have had at the temple open house this week! But before that I will tell you about my week!

Well we have been trying to work with out a car. Our car has been officially totaled. So, we don't get a car until next transfer. Which I will be gone. hahah this is so funny right. It would happen to me. I think Heavenly Father is trying to teach me that we need members at every lesson. Which we have great members! They help us out a lot! We have been contacting all of our former's and literally everyone that we can about the temple! So that is really what our week consisted of! Oh, and we have been having lots of missionaries that have gone home come back for the temple open house. So that has been fun! They have been helping us out a lot too! They are just inviting everyone they come in contact with to come to the open house! Ahhhh I just can't explain how this temple is going to help this area so much.

Okay temple time! This week we had the opportunity to work in the video rooms where we tell them about their experience and show them a 10 minute video about temples. We have a new video that has never been shown and it is a good video. I have watched it about 200 times now and I still love it! In the tent we get to talk to people about their experiences! I have talked to so many people! haha Everyone has been so great! And even the protesters are nice to us! I got to use my ASL (american sign language) abilities! That was great! This couple has been members for a while and they are an older couple and I talked to them for about 20 minutes and they just were so excited that the temple was here. And before the older gentleman left he thanked me for talking to them. I can't even remember what else happened but all the things have been so great!

Josh Merkley! He will be missed. I knew him a little bit. But I just wanted to say he had a contagious laugh and could light up any room he walked into. I remember how funny and happy he was all the time! I remember those times sitting around the campfire in a big group of friends and he would just make us laugh! I remember him coming with Jordan, Audrey, Elise, Becky and everyone else coming to my 16th birthday party and they all just made my day! Josh is just a great person and I bet everyone that knew him will never forget him! I will never forget about him and the fun times during cross country! He just made everyone around him better! I will miss him!

Hope you have an amazing week!
Love Sister Hanson

In front of the Indianapolis Temple

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