Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Destiny is Baptized!

Allyson, Destiny, and Sister Simmons at Destiny's baptism
Well as you can tell Destiny got baptized on Sunday! She had a rocky start to the day but she went through with it despite all the things that Satan threw at her this week! She is definitely a going to be a great member and she felt so wonderful after she was baptized. I will send some pictures of the wonderful day! I got to speak on the Holy Ghost! I learned a lot. 

This week has been amazing. We set a goal to teach 30 lessons. And that is pretty easy on campus. We were so close we hit 29. So next week we will try again! This week was full of new people and a lot of lessons. We met this girl named Markanda on Tuesday. She complimented Sister Simmons on her skirt that she almost changed before we met her. So we decided to teach her a little bit about our church. Now we have taught her about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and she is now praying about what day she should be baptized!!!! So many many miracles are happening on campus!

This week we have also been teaching this guy named Collin that we met about a month ago. He is currently reading the Book of Mormon and searching to see if this is the right thing for him to do. He is a sincere person and really just wants to know the truth. He has a busy schedule on the weekends and so he is not able to come to church and he lives Illinois. So that is also a tough thing to deal with. But so far he has been praying for an answer and he knows one will come but he knows it might take a little more time than usual! 

This week I have also done some really fun things such as! Have a silly string fight, Get a picture with a Wookie, Go to Steak and Shake and got a shake, and of course Destiny's Baptism!!! And doing a lot of fun things with the YSA.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Love Sister Hanson

Missionaries with some of the YSA members?

Allyson and Sister Simmons with a Wookie


Another picture with Destiny

Monday, September 21, 2015

Terre Haute Life!

Originally sent September 14, 2015

A sign in Terre Haute
This week I feel like wasn't that eventful. We started getting colder weather and it is nice now that i can wear sweaters. People on campus are friendly and most of them are open to the message we have to share. We meet with lots of people and end up only having one appointment and then they don't talk to us anymore, but it helps me learn how to teach more simply and refine how I say things. So really I love being on campus!

Destiny is still on track to be baptized. We moved her baptismal date to be on Sunday after Stake Conference! She is ready to be baptized! She is also hanging out with a lot of the YSA that are on ISU! Actually this week she will be going to Nauvoo for a YSA conference. That is why we had to move her baptism to Sunday! She is still loving church even though she does not like the hymns. I wouldn't blame her they are kinda slow from what she is used to! But all is well she is not letting that get to her! I am just so excited for her to be baptized!

On other news this week. I went on exchanges to UI campus in Bloomington. And all I have to say is I like ISU a lot better. UI is a gigantic campus and I feel like I will get lost in that place. haha. 

Cool story. We were teaching a member that is returning to activity. We felt impressed to give her the commitment to read her patriarchal blessing. She then proceeded to tell us that she has been feeling like she has been needing to read it! All I have to say is that the Spirit works in mysterious ways! I love having the Spirit to guide me!

Well I don't have much time! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Hanson

Sorry no pics this week!
"VigoCountyCourthouse" by Simon Dodd at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:VigoCountyCourthouse.jpg#/media/File:VigoCountyCourthouse.jpg

Heat Wave in Terre Haute

Originally sent September 8, 2015

Destiny and me after church in the car riding home!
As you can tell this week was hotter than you can imagine. But even though it was hot we still had fun! Since it was so hot we went and got a lot of frozen yogurt! Which is the best thing to get on a hot day! Oh, and we also went to this wonderful place called J Gumbos! Oh man, that place is wonderful! They serve Cajun style food! It is to die for! Tastes like what i would imagine as Louisiana (Chelsie B) cooking to its finest!

DESTINY is doing great! She is so ready to get baptized!!!!!!!! We have been talking to her and telling her all about how her baptism is going to go! She is ready to be baptized and she finally came to church on Sunday! She even fasted! Which was so cool. She loved Fast and Testimony meeting! She was sad when Sacrament meeting came to an end! OH and what is way funny is she already thinks she is a Mormon! She tells her family all the time " I can't I'm Mormon". The other day we go over to teach her about Tithing and she has hot chocolate. hahaha She said she was going through "Coffee withdrawals" haha.

We have been having a lot of fun teaching the restoration on campus! We have found 2 people that are curious about our church and they are both very nice and listen with intent! I have learned a lot of new ways to teach while being on campus and I feel like have have been sent here to learn how to be a better teacher! I love being on ISU.

Here is a picture of us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm we do service at! It was early in the morning! The other picture is of me and Destiny after church in the car riding home!

Us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Hanson

The busiest week ever

Originally sent on August 31, 2015

We helped some members do a chalk drawing!

So as you can tell by the title I had a busy week! We talked to so many people on campus. Here are some random things that we did this week. First off I went to a bible study on campus that one of the elder's investigators invited us to! I got really confused during it, so I had to go home and study more about the things we talked about. It's hard to be a missionary sometimes. hahaha.

Cool thing that happened this week. We were going to a member's house to eat dinner. And mind you, I don't know anyone here! hahah. (by the way, she had to pick us up because we don't have a car) So, we had the best dinner with her! We planned a lesson about prayer and it was exactly what she needed! I love planning and having the Spirit! Things just work out. But anyways, back to the story.  She was nervous for the missionaries because she has never had missionaries over before. We had a wonderful time. She was a convert a long time ago and she is just coming back to church! It is amazing what the Spirit can do! So we talked about how she is working on going to the temple soon! Hopefully we get to go with her to do baptisms!!!! So many miracles have happened because of the temple!

Alright, so we have been teaching Destiny a lot this week. We have taught her all the make or break lessons. Such as the Law of Chastity and The Word of Wisdom! She has committed to live them. Her mom does not like Mormons, but Destiny still wants to be a Mormon! She is black and has a crazy personality! I love her. She is doing pretty well other than not coming to church. Man, she was in Indy with her mom! Oh well, next week she will come and then get baptized in 2 weeks which is the last week of the transfer! Hopefully everything works out!
The last thing we did this week that was fun and you guys would be interested in reading about is we went to the downtown Terre Haute block party! We helped some members do a chalk drawing! OH my that was fun!!!! I will send some pictures!

In ward council this week and 3rd hour we have been talking about the Sabbath day! It is so important! Go look up Doctrine and Covenants 59:9-10! It talks about how we should keep ourselves unspotted from the world! The Sabbath is truly a day to rest from our labors and pay our devotions to God! We should be doing things that are pleasing to him and make that day truly a delight.

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great day.
Love Sister Hanson