Monday, September 21, 2015

Heat Wave in Terre Haute

Originally sent September 8, 2015

Destiny and me after church in the car riding home!
As you can tell this week was hotter than you can imagine. But even though it was hot we still had fun! Since it was so hot we went and got a lot of frozen yogurt! Which is the best thing to get on a hot day! Oh, and we also went to this wonderful place called J Gumbos! Oh man, that place is wonderful! They serve Cajun style food! It is to die for! Tastes like what i would imagine as Louisiana (Chelsie B) cooking to its finest!

DESTINY is doing great! She is so ready to get baptized!!!!!!!! We have been talking to her and telling her all about how her baptism is going to go! She is ready to be baptized and she finally came to church on Sunday! She even fasted! Which was so cool. She loved Fast and Testimony meeting! She was sad when Sacrament meeting came to an end! OH and what is way funny is she already thinks she is a Mormon! She tells her family all the time " I can't I'm Mormon". The other day we go over to teach her about Tithing and she has hot chocolate. hahaha She said she was going through "Coffee withdrawals" haha.

We have been having a lot of fun teaching the restoration on campus! We have found 2 people that are curious about our church and they are both very nice and listen with intent! I have learned a lot of new ways to teach while being on campus and I feel like have have been sent here to learn how to be a better teacher! I love being on ISU.

Here is a picture of us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm we do service at! It was early in the morning! The other picture is of me and Destiny after church in the car riding home!

Us and the ISU elders at the Alpaca Farm

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Hanson

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