Monday, July 13, 2015

The Temple Has Come!!!!!!

With John and Katrine

Wow! let me just tell you this week has been the best week on my mission so far! We have had miracle after miracle! Heavenly Father has truly blessed Indiana! Oh and he has blessed me! Here is kinda an overlook of what happened! We have had the most terrifying rain storms of my life, Temple trainings that have been amazing, and just wonderful teaching appointments! All without having a car! So my life has just been amazing this week!

Well let me tell you about a miracle we had this week! A couple weeks ago we had a man call us and give us a referral! He is a returned missionary from Utah and has been selling pest control along with some copies of the Book of Mormon! haha But anyways. He called us and told us to set up an appointment with this couple he gave a Book of Mormon to! We set up the appointment for Thursday evening. We go there expecting them to give us a lukewarm welcome. But in fact they were happy to see us! We brought a couple with us! We planned on teaching them about the Book of Mormon. He asked us for an hour and a half of our time! We gladly said yes! We taught them (John and Katrine) about almost everything about the church! John had to go back to Africa the next day so we sent missionaries to his house! The closest house of worship is 7 hours away from his house and it is only a branch. This makes me so grateful for how close our church house is and especially our temple! Oh and cool side note, Katrine came to sacrament meeting and brought her son Amin with her! Made my day!

On an even happier note this week we get to start working the temple open house! Wow, I am so excited! We got to go through the temple yesterday with some of our investigators! That was amazing! The spirit in the temple is like nothing else! This temple is going to help everyone so much! I just don't know how to express my feelings about the is just so magnificent!

Okay I love you all and I will send lots of pictures!

Love Sister Hanson

At the newly finished Indianapolis Temple


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