Sunday, January 18, 2015

Transfers again! Lots of Snow!

Sister Hanson in the Indiana snow
Wow this week has been a blizzard!!! Literally a blizzard! We have had our cars grounded for 4 days of the week last week. So we sat inside a lot wondering what to do because we couldn't drive to our appointments. Well enough with that. It has been snowing non stop. We get a lot of lake effect snow and now we have about a foot of snow!!! ohhh it is always fun to walk in. I have tripped a couple of times in the snow. Hahah and it looks like potato flakes because the snow flakes are so big. The roads are just covered with snow and the plows only scrape off a layer. So we still have snow on the roads and they also put sand on the roads... No salt so the snow never melts.

This week we went over to Juliana's and a miracle happened. We committed her to pray about a day she should get baptized. She prayed about it and she said she felt a happy feeling when she prayed!! Hallelujah! And then we asked her to pray to see if she could be baptized on the 18th of January! She said she would pray!!!! Ahhhhhh my mind was in awe!! Miracles are happening and when we had a lesson with her about baptism her mom was totally into it! Which made it even better! She now understands why people are baptized! Hopefully she will come to church again and like it this time!! And in the near future she can be baptized!!!!

I don't know what else to talk about. One of the Elders in my district is training this upcoming transfer and he doesn't have a car because they crashed it last week. Ekkkkk. It is sad they totaled their car and so now they have to hang around the Bremen elders all the time or just walk. They could be getting a new car soon! Hopefully they will.
I am getting my hair trimmed today! It has a lot of split ends so that will be a nice change. Well, not really a change, but just a clean slate!

The elders had a baptism on Sunday and it went well! I played the piano like usual!! hahaha It was a good baptism too!! It seems that more and more people don't know how to play the piano and it saddens me. I am definitely going to make my children learn how to play the piano.

Well I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Hanson!

Sister Hanson and Sister Barker

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