Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years!!!!

Allyson at the Chicago Temple

This week was amazing!!!!! We did an overload of things!!!!

Monday we had a shortened p-day and those are never fun they throw you off your groove... But we still had a good day none the less. Also this week we got a hold of people I have never met in our branch before. Miracles are happening!

Tuesday we went to the temple!!! That was the greatest ever. The Chicago Temple is kinda small but it is so beautiful. It was nice just to sit in the temple and relax and just feel the spirit! Then we went and ate some Chicago deep dish pizza. Delicious!!!!! Well really I just like pizza so any kind is pleasing to me.

Chicago Temple
Wednesday, New Years Eve, we had to be in by 5:00. So that Was fun we just did a lot of visiting people that we know cause most people were having new years party's and we didn't want to run into drunk people. Then there is the tradition that you have to stay up until midnight so we did. I am a rule breaker! hehe. New years day we had a full P-Day. That was nice! We went up to Mishawalka and played sports at the stake center with a bunch of missionaries. Then we went shopping! Best day of my life haven't been shopping in about 4 months other than grocery shopping. We had dinner with a family in our branch. They are the greatest. They have been going through a hard time lately and so when we went over they really loved us and now they signed up to feed us every week!! hahaha I love the branch.

We have been teaching Juliana lately and she doesn't want to get baptized. It makes me sad. She says way good prayers and seems like she is doing good. But she hasn't come to church lately and hopefully she will. We went over and talked to her about why she does't want to get baptized and we still don't know why she doesn't. I think she is just scared about going under water. On the bright side Patricia came to church!! Greatest day ever she hasn't come in so long. I was so happy to see her there! She even brought her friend with her and he speaks Spanish and he liked church too. The elders got his phone number so they could start teaching him. Ahhh Miracles! 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! I did! 
Sister Hanson

Here are some pictures of Chicago and more Chicago.

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