Friday, December 11, 2015

The Work

Originally sent from Allyson November 16, 2015

I guess I will start off by telling you some funny things! When ever we go to teach the Chin people in their homes and they have little children they have this one funny cartoon they play for their children. It is in English but it sounds like it was made by a different country! It is on the Chu chu channel and they only do lots of rhyming! ahah I think my English might be worse after this too because we always talk in broken English with them. And I have a baby voice when I explain words.

Ronn! We taught Ronn yesterday! He is doing great! He is currently in the book of Jacob!  We bring member couples to the lessons so that he can get to know the ward members so when he gets better and comes to church he will know lots of people! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he accepted it like butter on a pancake! haha. He pretty much was already living it! So that made it really easy for him.

Debbie!!! Debbie is now my mi-maw! As they say in the south!!! She is from Mississippi! She is currently still in Rehab for her tragic fall but she is slowly relearning to walk!!! She loves when we come over to teach her because she learns something new every time! She is currently in 2 Nephi! The sad thing that happened to her was that her mom died this week. She cannot make it to her funeral. But hopefully she will be okay! We are going to see her tomorrow! We also bring lots of members with us to her lessons so that she can get to know them!!! I love her. OH and she says when she gets her sewing machine here she is going to make me a "bible case". I am pretty excited!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! the computer will not upload photos this week so sorry!

Love Sister Hanson

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