Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transfers Again. The Week We Walked.

Allyson and Sister Sowards

Well, it is sad to say, but I am moving areas again. So will my companion. It is sad. But I had so much fun this week! We literally got to walk everywhere this week. Our car was in the shop for various reasons. And as we all know the work goes on even when we don't have a car. And another plus this week was that the weather was AMAZING. It was in the 60s-70s on Saturday and Sunday.

Ronn. He is doing great! We taught him yesterday for our last time. It was a great lesson. We shared our favorite scriptures with him. And president always says that if you read the Book of Mormon with your investigators that they will tell you their concerns. And guess what happened he brought up his concern. Since he can't come to church because of his chemo treatments he said that he feels left out. We had some wonderful members at that lesson that helped him resolve the concern and they are going to help him feel more involved. He has a strong desire to come to church. Which is wonderful! I am excited for the day that he will go to church. He has been waiting all his life to be a member.

I felt the prompting that I needed to study the scriptures and why they are so important. Lately I have been reading the stories about Alma and Ammon on their missions. All I have to say is that they were wonderful missionaries. This relates to why the scriptures are so important because in their teaching patterns they first testify. Then they go straight to the scriptures and teach. I have found myself trying to incorporate more scriptures in my teaching. The scriptures are so important when we are teaching and looking for answers. Without the scriptures in our lives we would not know any thing pertaining to our salvation because the scriptures hold all the words of God! That is why they are so precious!

I love you all! Make the scriptures important this week!

Sister Hanson

Sister Sowards, Ronn and Allyson

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