Monday, December 7, 2015

Indianapolis in December...

Our matching outfits! getting ready for Star Wars
This week was crazy!!!!! Up date on the weather. There is still no snow. haha. I am okay with that. Hopefully we don't have a bad winter! Life is all good in Indianapolis!!! We are teaching lots of Chin as well as English people!!!

Last week we got a new investigator!! Her name is Whitney! We taught her the restoration!!! She accepted it!!!! She had looked up stuff about the church before the lesson and she was telling us all kinds of stuff. She was trying to prove to her husband that we are just normal people!!! haha Love her! She and her family should be coming next week to church!!! I am so excited!

Ronn!! We put him on baptismal date this week. March 12th. He is still going though his chemo treatments but he is still reading the Book of Mormon!! This week we taught him the law of chastity!!! He seemed uncomfortable with it at the beginning but we had some great members with us to help him not feel as uncomfortable!!! The Spirit was there and it was strong! I don't know if I will be here for his baptism but I am excited for him to be baptized!

This week at church was the most interesting week I have ever had. We had a Chin preacher come to church and he bore his testimony but it was more like he introduced himself. haha. Then we had another Chin family come to church with us and they don't understand English very well. We had a 16 year old (only Chin member) boy translate for them! Then this older lady who has had brain surgery spoke for like 20 minutes. haha She is so sweet! Love it!

I love all of you! This week has been wonderful!!!! Let your light shine!!!!
Love Sister Hanson

Taking a picture as we walk places!

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