Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Everything happened this week!

Some of Allyson's district
Well it has been getting more humid and I found out my hair gets really wavy when it rains and i just let it dry out. So far humidity isn't too bad! On other news the Temple open house is coming soon! Pretty sure it will be here in 6 weeks! That is so soon!

Alright so I bet you don't remember but I do! We got back in contact with a lady named Beth. Don't know how she feels about baptism because we didn't get to that when we talked to her. But she is doing well and probably will be moving to Ft. Wayne! haha But the missionaries found her here! So it is great the Lord knows what he is doing!

Greg and Pamela! They are working all the time but we got back in contact with them also! Turns out her son-in-law did not like it when we came over. He moved out last week. So now they answer back to text messages and us knocking on the door! They are funny! Greg is still trying to grasp the concept of God but he listens when we talk! Still trying to get them to read the BOM.

Oh I spoke in church this Sunday and i was only assigned to give 15 minutes but the other 2 people went short so I actually spoke for about 25 minutes! That was great! I am actually starting to enjoy giving talks! I also noticed people were paying attention! I gave a talk on Chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel! And talked about inviting! I think why they asked us to speak was to inspire the members to invite everyone they know to the temple! 

Lately I have been able to know how the Spirit talks to me better. Whenever I am praying I get promptings! And it is just cool to see what comes to me!

Love you all! Have a wonderful day!

Love Sister Hanson

Sister Chidester, Allyson, and her new companion Sister Perkins

Allyson with her MTC companion Sister Anderson

Allyson and Sister Chidester getting caught in the rain.

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