Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 5! The Work is Moving!

This week was awesome! First off on Tuesday we got to watch meet the Mormons! That was the best movie ever! If you don't get a chance to see it in theaters it will be on Netflix soon enough! All of you just need to see it!

So we went to go and visit these potentials in the out skirts of Plymouth. They are so into genealogy. They have this huge fan chart that they have almost filled out their whole family line with it. It makes me want to do some more family history. Just wow. They are always working on it and visiting places where their ancestors are from. We tried to talk to them about the gospel but they were not at all interested. They want to show us their cabin sometime so if we ever get back there they probably will. In our area we have about 9 to 12 towns so its hard to visit everyone.

So this week we were able to help Sister Sherwood paint her house. We painted her bathroom lime green. It actually made it look better because before it was like this ugly rose color. She loves us so much that she told us she was coming to general conference.

Patricia on of our investigators and she is working towards baptism. Her husband converted in Mexico and referred her to us and her husband is still in mexico. She has seen that change in him and wants that for herself and kids now. Whenever we go over she is always so excited to learn more and more. This week we talked about tithing and how we pay it and why we pay it. She told us that she hadn't been paying it. And we told her she didn't have to pay it until she is baptized. She is so sweet she is always willing to do anything we tell her. 

We had some members move into our ward recently and its a family with four children and they went to Utah state and lived in Logan. They are so cool and he is a dentist and they are always willing to come to lessons and help us and feed us. I love when the ward members feed us.

We taught Nicholas this week. He loves everything we teach him. He was catholic as a child and is very limited in his knowledge about gospel things so we have to go slow with him. We taught him about repentance this week and turns out he already does it he just needs to pray for forgiveness.

We also had Zone Training this week. That was lots of fun. I had an opportunity to learn more about the atonement and be able to learn how we can teach the Plan Of Salvation in 5 minutes. It is definitely hard to teach it in 5 minutes so we only go over the first part of it and talk about the atonement a lot. Then we are able to use that to set up another appointment to come back to the persons house!

Juliana is the 10 year old girl we have been teaching but she is scared to get baptized so we had to push her baptism date back. She is starting to listen better and she definitely loves when we come over. So I am hopeful that she will be baptized soon.

Love Sister Hanson

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