Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 6!

Week six is the week of transfers. So I found out I will be staying in Plymouth at least one more transfer!!!! 

Well I guess I will start out talking about the wonderful FHE we had with Jackie and Juliana and her little brother Joe! We watched the Lamb of God! That is an intense little video! I think I saw it when I was little but showing it to a 9 and 7 year old was a little intense. It had a great impact on them and now they really know who Jesus is and what he did for them! So that was cool to see that they are coming to know Jesus a lot better!

We went to fishers on Tuesday it was an all day thing you probably saw a picture on Facebook! We had a training on the Game Plan which was cool because it really helped me understand why we do the things we do as missionaries! I saw some sisters that I roomed with in the MTC so that was wonderful as always!

We Taught Patricia this week! She is doing well but lots of things keep getting in the way of her progression. For one of her lessons we brought a member named Sister Miller and it is so funny because when we bring members they just make the lesson so much better. During the lesson the spirit was so strong but it was a different kind of spirit I have never felt. Sister Miller came because she was needed to help Patricia. I know that God gave us that inspiration because they really connected during the lesson. I feel in that lesson we as missionaries were there to teach and bring the spirit. Sister miller was there to make what we were teaching real. So that was awesome! 

This week we also had the fall party! Well this party was great fun and we talked to tom and pat again! We got to go on a hay ride, do donut on a string, had lots of yummy food, and played volleyball! This party was at the Richharts! It was lots of fun but I got muddy shoes.

Random not fun fact we were tracting this week and I was walking down the stairs and I fell down the stairs. Now I have this wild bruise on my leg. But all is well. Also people like to give crosses in Indiana!

Sister Hanson

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