Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 9!!! Dinner

Fall in Indiana

This week has been a weird week. Nothing went as planned and we had to go to Mishawaka for Stake Conference. To top off this week we also had two days where we had double dinners!!!!! ahhhhhh Crazy.

Well I have no clue where to start. We had double dinner appointment one day and we ate with some really fantastic people. During the dinners I was just praying I could make it through because the first dinner I almost threw up. So this week I learned the importance of prayer and how if we rely on Heavenly Father to get us through. We can get through anything.

We had Stake Conference this week. It was so wonderful! President Cleveland came and spoke at the adult session and you know what he announced. That we will be getting iPads in about 1 month! Beside the fact they talked about family history and how everyone can be involved with it. I really love family history and finding those cool hidden gems about families. So this week you guys should all do some family history together! They also just put a big emphasis on families and how important they are. The cool thing about that is that our mission has a big focus on families and wants each unit in the mission (companionship) to find a family to teach. We haven't found one yet but we pray everyday that we will. It is cool to see that we get a lot more people opening their doors to us lately. We have been getting the members more involved in missionary work this past transfer. And because of that we have had more doors opened to us they may not lead anywhere but we are able to plant some seeds and copies of the Book of Mormon!

This week we also taught Juliana! She has been coming to church lately and we know she is close to baptism. Hopefully her mom will give us the okay to put her on a baptismal date soon! We taught her the story of Meshack, Shadrack, and Aben-digo. Cool story! They are just the best examples of faith in the Lord. They were willing to give up their lives because they only worshiped God! I hope one day I can have that much faith to give up my life for God. Go read this story in Daniel chapter 3. I love the part where they were in the furnace and Christ was with them. The king was all confused and they were able to come out unharmed. Moral of the story is put God first and everything will work out in the end.

Patricia is doing well since she has been baptized. Now she just needs to be confirmed. longest process ever here in Plymouth but it is definitely worth it. I don't know if I had already explained this or not but here it goes. In Plymouth they baptize people on Sundays because everyone is far away and they want to make sure people get support. So she will be getting confirmed on Sunday.

Well I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful week! Book of Mormon stories and Bible stories are great!
Sister Hanson

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