Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 8! Time Flies!

Patricia's baptism

Wow this week has just flown by. Yesterday we had interviews with the mission president so that is why I am emailing today! I don't even know where to begin! There are so many things that happened this week.... 

First off we were preparing for a baptism! Patricia's Baptism and she was so excited! We visited her everyday this week before her baptism to help her and answer questions she had! Wow. it is cool to see what God can do in people's lives when they are searching for him! She had her baptismal interview and when she came out she had a few tears and I knew she was ready for baptism! Her baptism went off without a hitch and she was just glowing when she came out even though the water was freezing she loved it anyway! The Branch presidency gave her a quad! She was so excited!

This week we got a new investigator! Her Name is Ashley and she is around our age! She has a four year old son! She is so cool she has been through a lot but she is still strong. She wants to find a church that will fit her and so she decided to try out "Mormons". We taught her the restoration and the Book of Mormon and she is liking it so far! We are meeting with her today so hopefully we can get her on a baptismal date! But I can definitely tell she is sincere because her mom started talking to us and her mom talks a lot. But she wanted to hear the lesson so she told her mom we were going somewhere else so that we could actually talk!

Coolest little miracle this week. We were planning for the next day on Sunday. This potential  investigator popped into my head and so I just say oh let's go visit her! Even though on her record it says to visit after 6 but I just brushed it off. So she is the last person on the list that we have to visit so we go to her house thinking she won't be there. Surprise she was! She told us today was the only day she had off of work because they had a training! We taught her about the Book of Mormon! She told us how the picture of Christ coming to the Americas reminded her of school in Mexico and the story of the white god that came to them for a time and left and never came back. After we left I couldn't believe that had just happened! The Spirit works! Wow I just need to listen to the Spirit more!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week! Shout out to Michele Hudson and Joni Thomas. Happy Birthday both of you!

Love Sister Hanson

Patricia with her family

The corn is gone..

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