Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 13!!!! New transfer and new companion!

Allyson's District Christmas Picture

Well I don't want to disappoint everyone but I forgot to take my camera to the library so I will have some pictures next week! How is everyone doing? I am doing great in this branch! My new companion's name is Sister Barker!!!!! I already love her and she is already making Plymouth a great place to be!!!! I still have no clue where I will be skyping you, but at 1 o'clock we will be at a members house. She does not have internet. So I will tell you when i figure that out!

This week has been crazy! We said lots of goodbyes on Tuesday. I didn't say any goodbyes but Sister Chidester did and it was sad. Wednesday was good I got my new companion and we had a blast driving 2 hours north. We also had lunch with Sister Kelly!!!!! She is great I love her. She is the branch president's wife. Oh, and Sister Chidester is in South Bend so when we go on exchanges I will see her again because she is my Sister Training Leader. Ahahah and the other Sister Training Leader is Sister Barker's trainer. Ahahahhaahhah and we are going on exchanges with our trainers so we will have lots of fun!!!!

Allyson with her new companion Sister Barker from Layton, Utah
This picture was texted to her mom by one of the members

Alright, so this new week with Sister Barker is great!!!! We were able to teach Nancy and she is so far liking what we are teaching her! She told us that she is praying about what we are telling her and she feels good when she prays. She is feeling the spirit. I don't know if I told you but she is Pentecostal. That religion scares me. But she is doing wonderful. Now we have to work on getting her to church and getting her married or she cannot get baptized.

We are still trying to get Juliana to commit on a baptismal date. I hope she gets baptized soon!!!!!! She is so ready. We just need to get her mom on board with the whole thing. This week we also got a new investigator!! His name is Mike and he and his wife just had some twins. They are so cute! He was really interested in the Restoration so he committed himself to read it. I hope we can teach him more!!! He and his wife are Methodist. You might hear more about him and might not because he is new he could drop us but we are hoping for the best!!!! The work is moving and I am excited I get to be involved with it!!!!

Also this week I have really felt like a missionary!!! I can teach a lesson by myself and I have learned a lot about who I am and who I can become!!! I am so excited to see what is ahead!!!

I love you all!!!

Sister Hanson 

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