Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 14!!!! Exchanges

Sister Hanson in front of the unfinished Indianapolis Indiana temple.

I got my package and it was great!!!! My legs are a lot warmer!!!!! I love my companion she is great!!! The weather is actually warm. No snow yet it has just been raining lots. I also have no clue what time I will be skyping you guys on Christmas. Sometime between 1 and 6 Pm. In your time zone that would be 11 to 4!

This week we went on exchanges and guess who I went on exchanges with?!? Sister Chidester!!! hahah we had lots of fun!!!! We were able to meet with Ashley again and invite her to church! It was a really good lesson and I could definitely feel the spirit and I could tell she could too!!! We showed her the He is the Gift video and that just brings the spirit so fast!!! That video is definitely a good tool to use to bring the spirit into peoples lives!!! I would encourage all of you to share it with your friends and with people you go and visit! Mom you could share it when you go and visit people in the ward!!!!

Nancy seems like she is ready to get baptized other than she has to get married. Sad:( we will just keep praying and hoping her fiance will marry her other than that she is doing great!!!! Patricia is still not coming to church. She does notice the difference when she has come to church and when she does not come to church!!! We started reading the Book of Mormon with her and she is really liking it!!! I hope one day she will come back we try to meet with her at least 2 times a week. She works a lot so hopefully her job will slow down enough for her to come to church!! 

This week we also had the branch party!!! It was fun and the branch sent us home with so much food! I think I might gain so much weight that you will not recognize me when I got home. NO haha I hopefully won't!! Well I love you all and hope your week is great!!!!! 

Sister Hanson!
Ally's new companion Sister Barker from Layton Utah

Allyson found the Zombie Response Team's car

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