Monday, April 6, 2015


Allyson with her companion Sister Lowry 
Wow don't you just love General Conference! I love General Conference! It is exactly what I needed! Let me tell you about my favorite couple of talks! More like I will just give you a bunch of quotes to think about! ahaha

 I love what Linda K Burton said " Seek to complete rather than compete". There are a lot of things in this world that we can compete with and never measure up to. The only thing we need to do in this life is compete with ourselves to complete ourselves!

I also love what L. Whitney Clayton said "We become the substance of our faith!". That is so true! Whatever we believe and put our trust in is what we become! I find myself becoming what I have faith in and what I think about! If you have dreams and have faith they can become accomplished if you have faith that they will!

Just one more that I really loved was Joseph A Sitati. He talked about our divine nature! We have the potential to become like God! Wow. We cannot comprehend what God has in store for us but I know we all the Divine Nature to become better everyday. That is all we strive for in this life and in the next life to come we will gain all that Heavenly Father has in store for us! It is important to have an eternal perspective because if we don't we can loose sight of all that is important!

Vicky was able to make it to a session of general conference!  She loved it! She came to a member's home and loved it! She loves dogs a lot and probably payed more attention to them than to the prophet. But she came and felt the spirit and that is all that matters!

We got 2 more people on baptismal Date! Miracle from Heaven! In these next 3 months our mission has a goal to have 120 baptisms! Crazy right! Well I know we can all do it! I am so excited to be part of that! Oh and in other news the temple is getting so close to being finished! Ahhhhh I am so excited!

Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Here are some pictures to make you feel loved! 
Love Sister Hanson

This picture is for her sister Katie!!

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