Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mission = Change

This week was wonderful. You know when you feel like you have done nothing and then you look back at the week and it seems like you did everything. Well this week is one of those weeks! 

We have been working with this less active sister and she is so wonderful! Her name is Silvia and she knows how precious this gospel is. She loves learning about the church! I love how much passion she has for the truth. I wish I had as much love of the gospel as Silvia does! She is such and example to me!

This morning I was reading in Luke 15. Funny thing Dad how you are going to be teaching about the prodigal son! But it was a great a couple verses that I love is verse 7! It talks about how the one person that repents is better than the 99 people that don't! Wow we need Christ in our lives more than we think we do! He is the one we should depend on! Repenting is a hard thing to do but we all need to do it! Go read Luke 15! I love it and it can help with everything that is happening around us!

Kathy! She is one of investigators. She is also the mom of our recent converts! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation! Love that Plan of Happiness! Mosiah 4:7-9 and 16:7-9 Those talk about the Plan of Happiness! She told us that she does not want to be baptized but she will come to church! Better than nothing right! Yeah but she does believe a lot of the things we teach her! So hopefully as time goes by she will gain a testimony and want to be baptized!

We also had zone conference with president! And we learned how to help investigators live the gospel more fully! That was helpful! 

Well I love you all! Have a great week especially you Katie! I love you and am thinking about you all the time!  

Love Sister Hanson
Sorry no pictures this week!

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