Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Snow!

Here is a picture of me and Sister Fenn by a cool brick wall!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you wonderful people! Other than having a really crazy blizzard in Greenwood I think I had a pretty good Valentine's Day!!! We were in church and we got out of Sacrament Meeting and looked out of the windows. Guess what we saw!  SNOW..... But we just continued walking to Gospel Principles!! haha But the snow kept making a menace and we had to have 3rd hour cancelled.... Sad I am glad I got to take the sacrament!!!!

Some updates for the week!!!!
  • Angel and Dievon (recent converts) came to church and like always enjoyed it. Last week Angel invited her brother and his fiance to church. They didn't get to come last week but they came this week!!!! Her brother loved it. He participated in the class and was looking all over the gospel principles book! So I am excited! They are both really good at sharing the gospel with everyone!!!
  • We taught Monica without Kellie this week because Kellie was working. But it was really good!!!! We taught Monica about the Plan of Salvation!!! She said it was really familiar to her. Which makes a lot of sense!! Because our spirits know it already we just have to be reminded of it! Monica and Kellie will be getting baptized in April so hopefully I can Skype them for their baptism!!!!
  • Other News!!! Ronn in the last ward I was in. His baptismal date has been moved to February 27th!!!! So I can go!!!! I am so excited! His baptism is next week and he has been able to attend church the last two weeks!!!!!
  • Something that has been a trend in the past month of me and Sister Fenn being together is that all the less actives that we see, none of them have read the Book of Mormon. Crazy right!?!? So I know if you want to be converted to the Gospel you need to read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the KEYSTONE of our religion for a reason. We would not have a religion with out it!!! Today I was reading in Helaman chapter 3 or 4 not sure, but the cool thing about this chapter that I was reading was that it promises that if you hold fast to the teachings of Jesus Christ you will be able to withstand the Gulf of Misery.... Crazy!!!!! We just need to hold fast to the rod!!! Which is the Word of God!!!!! Don't forget about our daily conversion that is what will hold us when we are being tempted!!!!
Love you all hope you have a good week!!!! 

Love Sister Hanson

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