Monday, February 29, 2016


All the sisters that attended Ronn's Baptism!

Hi family and friends!!! This week has been wonderful!!!! You probably expected that from me! haha But no really, this week was wonderful!!!!!

So many things happened but I am only going to tell you about a few of them because typing is not my favorite thing!!!!
  • So this week! We taught Kellie and Monica about the Law of Chastity! It actually went really well!! At the beginning we were making crafts with them because we like to make crafts and it was service! We made cards for children at the Riley Hospital. I wish I had pictures but I don't. Then Monica's mom (the grandma) says that we should probably start the lesson. But she doesn't leave. So we started the lesson off with a video. This video is called "Chastity: What Are The Limits?" I remember my dad pulling us kids aside and showing us this video. Pretty cool video. They loved it. After the video was done the grandma left. So it was kinda cool. The grandma has never shown interest until now! So that was a good lesson! They are on track to getting baptized!!! Oh, and Monica even mentioned that their grandma was looking through the children's Book of Mormon!
  • We had a Family Home Evening last week! It was really great! We talked about the commandments and why we need to obey them!!!! We invited some active families from our ward as well as Kellie and Monica and some recent converts! We also invited an exchange student that is from Italy!!!! Her name is Carla!!! She is the sweetest!!! We are going to teach her this week! She has been coming to church for at least 1 month now and she goes to seminary every morning!!! Love her! I'm pretty sure she will get baptized in Italy!!! With her parents permission! But she really does love the gospel so much! So we are excited.
  • This week Ronn got Baptized!!!!!! I was able to play the piano at his baptism!!! He bore his testimony!!! It was full of the Spirit!!!! I am so excited for him! I went on an exchange this week with Sister Wilkinson!!! We had a good time!!! We pretty just went tracting the whole day! We passed a less active's house. And after 20 minutes of getting no one to talk to us we decided to go there! We ended up talking to the son that has not been baptized yet and his 7 year old sister. His brother is on a mission right now!! So we talked a lot about missions. I felt the prompting the whole conversation to promise him that if he read the first 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon and prayed about it with real intent he would know if he needed to go on a mission and know if the church was true!!! I am pretty sure he felt the Spirit really strong at that moment because I did! 
So I would say that this week has been pretty fantastic!!!! 

Love Sister Hanson

Ally and Sister Wilkinson

Allyson, Sister Fenn and Carla (Italian exchange Student)

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