Monday, February 22, 2016

These are the days!

And a cute picture of me because I know you like pictures!

Guess What?!?! This week the weather got up to the 60s!!!! That day was so wonderful!!! I wish it could be like that everyday!!!! Wow I love being a missionary! All those times that are hard seem to melt away when you help someone!

So this week I would say it was pretty normal!! or what you would call missionary normal Here are some highlights!
  • We went to the temple on Saturday!!! That was fun! We did an endowment session! Sister Fenn's convert took out her endowments and it was a great session! During that same time we were going through that session it was the Mission Temple day! So I bet a lot of people were doing names!!! We are trying to get our converts to go back to the temple. So far they all want to go back.
  • We taught just Monica this week! Kellie had work. But we will be teaching both of them a lot this week and next week! We taught Monica about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of course she knew a lot about it! I think my favorite part in teaching that lesson is when we teach them about Repentance!!! Repentance is so much more than saying sorry!!!! Repentance is CHANGE. When you repent you change your human nature and turn to God! And Monica totally understands it!!!! She told us that she read the pamphlet 3 times! ahaha I love her! She is just so prepared and now she is trying to work on her husband!!! He might come next week!
  • Loraine! We only got to teach her for about a half an hour this week! We read the Book of Mormon to her! She told us that she has been on a low this week. What instantly went through my mind was that she did not get to come to church! So we just kept asking her questions so that she could get to her own conclusion! She told us that she has not been reading her Book of Mormon as regularly as she did in past weeks and she also said that not going to church didn't help! So I have concluded that going to church and reading the scriptures on a regular basis make a big difference in our daily happiness! So hopefully she can come to church this coming week! I know it will really help her! Now she just needs to have the desire to make it there again!
  • Coolest experience this morning!!!!!!! We decided we could give up an hour of our P-Day to go visit a less active! So we did just that! We visited this woman named Diana.... She is amazing. She had an accident happen a year ago. Because of this accident she lost her memory of everything. Except for the time before she was 9. So we just listened intently and she told us that she has had to relearn everything. She has amazing faith. She does not remember that she was a member of the church. But her ex-husband and kids are active members in another ward!! But she is interested in learning more about it! I bet her kids have already told her a bunch of stuff!!! So we are meeting with her next week on Monday before we email!!! I will tell you more about the meeting next week!!!
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!

Love Sister Hanson

Sister Hanson and Sister Fenn at the Indy Temple

Went on exchanges this week with Sister Zschokke! She is from California

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