Wednesday, September 10, 2014

God Knows! - Allyson's Final Letter from the MTC

So today me and one of the other sisters in my district were doing some role plays. I was the missionary and I was trying to explain to the investigator (the other sister) that having the gospel in your life is a blessing and the role play was just going horrible. One of our teachers taught us that if we just listen the spirit will guide the lesson. I decided to do that and when I was doing that I heard a scripture come to me. It was John 3:16! The spirit had come and it was strong. Listen!

God knows what you are thinking. Even if you are just doing a role play he knows.

So there was an Elder having a hard time in my district and he is just really home sick. We became friends and he told me so much about his life. And because I was his friend he has more of a desire to stay on his mission and he wants to fulfill his calling!

Listen to the spirit!

Love Sister Hanson!

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