Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Leaving for Indiana...

Today, Laura and I received a call at about 7:20AM from Allyson from the airport. She's excited to get to the mission field and sounded great. We talked for about 10 minutes and said our last goodbyes until we can talk to her again at Christmas.

I tracked her flight on the internet at work, making sure that the plane stayed in the air and landed where it was supposed to. Her plane left a little late from SLC because of a huge thunderstorm that hit the airport, but she made it to Minnesota in time to catch the connecting flight to Indianapolis. I guess I'm a bit protective of my Ally.

Later in the day we received an email with a photo attached of Allyson with President Cleveland and his wife saying that she landed safely and is excited to serve.

Laura and I both received a text message with a picture at about 5:00PM from a man named Steve. He had been on their flight and took the picture of their group along with all of the phone numbers of the families of the missionaries so he could send it to their families.

That was great to get!

Laura was also contacted on Facebook by a person who lives in Indiana letting us know that she was baking a cookie for her with her name on it. She'll give it to her as she goes to meet her trainer. 

What a blessing to see all of these kind people taking care of the missionaries.  That's what the gospel is about...taking care of your fellow man.


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  1. That is so cool!! Look at all those sister missionaries! There will be so many baptisms