Thursday, September 18, 2014

Plymouth the Promised Land

We received our first letter from Allyson after arriving in Indiana on Monday. We also received some pictures. Enjoy!

Allyson with the other missionaries going to Indiana
Hi all,
Well the first thing we had to do was drive two hours to Plymouth with Sister Kelly(she is the Branch president's wife). I was way tired and wanted to sleep but I didn't. We got to Plymouth and it was flooding everywhere and we went shopping and then went to Mutual. The branch has about 100 people who attend and they all come from the towns around Plymouth. The city has a nice small town feel and the chapel is in the middle of nowhere and it is smaller than the size of the seminary building at copper hills. It is a level one chapel. Ours is a level three chapel.

Plymouth Branch Church Building

Day one was very different I had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I met the district and they are a wild bunch there are three companionship's in our district we are trying to get some Spanish elders so we can start a Spanish branch. I always have fun when I am around them. So here comes the ups and downs; we started tracting in North Liberty. We started talking to this man on the street and I could tell he was angry with God. He wouldn't let us talk and he started swearing at us. We left and I had a cry because he took the spirit away fast. After that just wanted to go but Sister Chidester said we needed to keep going so we did! We started in a new neighborhood and we found Josh, he is definitely prepared to receive the Gospel. He and his family are looking for a new church because theirs is money hungry, their boy does cub scouts (perfect). The only thing is they are busy on Sundays :(.

Random fun thing we went to a lady's house where she spoke Spanish but she couldn't understand English (I could tell she was lying, she could totally understand what we were saying). So I gave her a pass along card and I though I gave her and English one but it was Spanish! Made my day.
Plymouth is great! I wish all of you could be here with me!

Sister Hanson with her first companion Sister Chidester

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