Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Weekly Temple Update! haha

Us at the temple.
This week! We were at the temple! Not only did we get to work there! But we got to bring some recent converts to the temple! We brought Jxxx! Jxxx was baptized about 8 months ago and still struggles with the word of wisdom! But she knows the gospel is true! I think since she got to go to the temple and look inside it will help her out a lot with where she wants to go! I know now she wants to go to the temple! I think she has more motivation to break those bad habits because she has something to look forward to! I am so grateful for the temple! It has brought so many people from everywhere! 

Here are some stats! We were only expecting about 6 thousand people this Saturday! But if you can guess we got a lot more than we expected! We got 8 thousand people! The temple open house has been beyond busy! I have talked to so many people! I see faces of people that have been tour guides, in our groups to go on tours and I recognize them but I have no clue where I have seen them! haha. I think I might be losing my mind just a little bit.

Another miracle this week! We eat dinner at members houses as you know! Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with them! Then they started telling us about all their temple miracles! So many have happened with just them! I can't imagine how many miracles with all the other members have happened. This temple is building all of the members in Indiana! It has changed hearts and the missionary work in Indiana!

This week was so busy that I didn't get to take many pictures but next week I will take a lot of them okay! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Sister Hanson

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