Monday, August 24, 2015


Allyson by a cool sign!
So crazy things have happened this week! First off I got transferred to Wabash 1.2 (aka Terre Haute)! I am now serving on Indiana State University campus! Crazy! We don't even have a branch for the YSA yet, but we do have lots of fun with them. We go to institute on Tuesdays, have FHE on Sundays, and sports/game night on Fridays! So we have fun! But we work hard. School will be starting for them on Wednesday. But we have had a lot of people moving in so we have talked to lots of people! Everyone in the YSA is willing to come with us to lessons so that is great too! We are on campus most of the time just PCing. 

Allyson with her new companion Simmons
Second off I am half training. So I went from training to training. What a surprise! hahaha Her name is Sister Simmons and she has been out 6 weeks. She is 19. She is from Alpine, Utah. She went to Utah State for a year before she came out. If you want more info let me know!

This week all I have done is personal contact into people on campus. It is so difficult to stop people and talk to them about the gospel. But I am working on my skills! This week I have met Brit. She was baptized in May but she is already less active so we are working with her to get her to come back to church. We have one girl her name is Destiny and she wants to get baptized and I just met her yesterday! (oh yeah just a fun fact a lot of people that we do teach are black! My dream has come true!) Destiny is great. She has a desire to be baptized and now we just need to get her to come to church.

Yesterday we did a fun service project! We were crew leaders for this bike park project! We dug trails for bikes and we cleared what seemed like forests of branches! Then the people that had us volunteer for the service took us out to lunch! 

The members from the Wabash Ward feed us so we have lots of fun with them! Oh and I have to say this area is a lot like my first area! Every one here is a Hoosier!  I love Hoosiers! This is not a rich area but in this area rich do live here. So you have your choice of where you can go to contact people! The area is very diverse with all different ethnic groups! So that is one thing that I do love about Terre Haute.

Well if you have any other questions let me know I can answer them!
Ohhhh one thing I learned about this week was the work sanctify! Sanctify means to consecrate! So if you go deeper into that it means you are literally dedicating yourself to the Lord! Whoa. Think about that when you are taking the Sacrament! Also our transfer scripture is Enos 1:12 which says:

12 And it came to pass that after I had prayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant thee according to thy desires because of thy faith.

I love that because Enos had struggled for so long with all of these burdens and he was now able to feel comfort because he had done what he need to! Jesus Christ the Lord gave him what he needed in his time of need! If we have righteous desires and faith that those things can come to pass then Jesus Christ can help us with anything. Even if it is a hard class in school!

I love you all and hope you find strength in the scriptures!

Love Sister Hanson

Her new district

Cool sock tan

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